A brief discussion on the difference between WAP and Web

actually want to be a good webmaster most important is the interest, have interest to insist, because do stand whether you are WAP or web are not three days fishing nets two days of drying can be successful thing, when you PV 1~100 from the entrance is a process, but when you are in 1000~ 10000 it is a very long process, some in this process will lose patience, so interest and insist on is the most important.

every day to write soft, but WAP and WWW this is the same, whether it is true or false original original, to write every day, maybe you just write, no one reproduced, even see people are not many, but as long as you insist every day to write, to compare with other webmaster, see some good article, wise to learn from others. What can we promote people to click on their station, so as to bring the user to expand the influence, I just do a WAP joke station promotion, soft Wen also really not good writing, domain name and website name seems to have nothing in common, and hot events is not good, but for the user group then write a number, although the effect is not large, but still being reproduced, if your article with hot together, but also very controversial, writing is also very agile, have their own unique insights, that this article is very good.

every day to find friends chain, do WAP station, friends chain may be very important, it is not only to improve the weight of the WWW station just, because Web really few people through friends to visit the chain. Unless it is the home page, but not many visits. But it’s important for wap. Let more people understand and accept your station at the same time, but also improve the direct increase of traffic. The effect is obvious, I whether it is large or small are added, are generally home cooperation, because the station I can put inside pages, though not necessarily flow but can let more customers find my station, I was invisible to improve visibility.

own station must be worthy of second visits. This is the same. That is the content, content to do enough effort, so the station should always update. Can add some hot spots, fierce point. Baidu can also look at the index, the user generally search what look, do their own content, but also focus on good keywords. Do optimization.

Oh, in my humble opinion, this line is not a long time, to talk about it, or what I said is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but insist on it, web and WAP actually in many places in the promotion is the same, WAP promotion can actually put on the web.

welcome to my station at (17waw.cn) mobile phone joke, remember is WAP Oh, please indicate the source, do not cut, thank you.