Local classification information website to save money promotion program

I think the site must first be site operations planning, profit model, to expand the business, there is no planning, site development will be as lacking spirit of cooperation. To enrich the content as the fundamental. Information network, of course, is to be the king of information to the truth, the amount to be more, to manually audit and set the filter words. Easy to use as the key. Refers to the user information release procedures should be simple and practical, can be registered, if registered, need only 15 seconds registration is completed, so that the primary users can easily operate, and proved that this part is very much.

The main

website, I summarize the rule: quality in order to win, to outwit, to commemorate the victory.

quality: content, high quality theme and content.

Governance: management, site management and maintenance.

wisdom: method, a unique website promotion and operation method.

: will, to adhere to the reasonableness of their own decisions, and unremittingly for the implementation of the decision to work hard.

advertisement: use Baidu Search, Zaozhuang express, a full range of information services, zero distance. I believe that most people can remember.

: first name card printing publicity, the price is very cheap for us 8 dollars a box of color, printing, do not take the initiative to send, use the convenience of outdoor work, name card carrying, can be extended, the opportunity to eat when they are working, here is mainly in order to save manpower and costs. A generation of information and mobile phone name card on top, if he does not regard Internet information, you can send text messages to us, we have send, if someone opened the customer service telephone contact conditions can help information, be sure to leave the client machine no..

second: local forums. The thread of the measures for people who think just released potential posts with not too much publicity, pay attention to modification statements to achieve the purpose of publicity, don’t let other people to be deleted, this is a long process. Or send some good theme stickers, popular content published, his top their posts, put their ID into the approximate website domain name will be better. Forum marketing, soft marketing, event marketing (that is speculation), word of mouth marketing.

third: spend money in the DM newspaper to do a small ad, do some beautiful website promotional pictures with the URL, our purpose is to spend more money to do things. Ha-ha。 In general, the DM newspaper will issue 1 or 2W copies per week, which will be distributed to businesses along the street. So in the local DM newspaper with your website address is the best. Also affordable cheap. Propaganda effect is also good. {swap best}

fourth: the following information about the site collection. Everyone is nothing more than to change the title to change the content of what the line. In fact, you collect the information posted on their website has done these. Your program can not be the same as the procedures you collect information. Name phone QQ information >