Xiaobian see new media Here are 7 tips to get you started quickly

New Media Editor? Just getting started? What all don’t understand? Still looking for ways to get started? Ha ha ha ha, everything is hard in the beginning, looking for a way to find the right way you were afraid of what


with " " the benefit of millions of advertising; excellent traditional virtues, plum flowers today to give you send welfare! Is time to show my sunflower! The "new media" in the small manual entry to



first recruit: skilled use of expression pack

twenty-first Century is there man, who does not know the expression package for what? Who else? In this era, we hold the " can not figure type " tradition, will face package career development is very influential, so only the most popular no more popular


expression pack why so fire even reached " generation word " the effect of the reasons are the following:

young people have different orientations and habits in the aspect of self expression, and they have a higher acceptance of the expression of the active expression of expression packet.

expression package has a sense of humor, a sense of the screen, interactive, high acceptance, easy to understand the spread of such a huge advantage.

In view of the above mentioned

expression package advantage, as a content operation dog, want to have more young users, how can not own expression package will have a gallery? Look for is king


Le, Mei flower with " the benefit of millions of advertising " excellent traditional virtues, the exclusive advertising expression package delivered to your hands! At plum WeChat (ID:meihuaevent) " " expression package; and you can get 107 gold expression! Curator, Wuli Tao Tao, Jacky Cheung and so on.


second strokes: learn internet language

"new media small quick start manual" second strokes, natural language is the language of the Internet, the Internet! Only to swim, but also with accuracy. For example, Fu Yuanhui because of the explosion and fire field force " ", as well as some time ago: friendship boat said turn turn, mother’s mental retardation, Papi sauce, this is a simple questions, the fire has been very Meng Meng Da, baby, thinking and so on. A simple discourse with the Internet language, the atmosphere is different. As a new media Xiaobian, want to master more young users, Internet language this course will learn!

Mei Xiaohua and uphold the " the benefit of tens of millions of advertisers " the fine traditional virtues, sorting out a recent internet language table, with no need to see you!


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