2011 the sixth annual meeting of China’s nternet host in May 21st held in Beijing


sixth China Internet webmaster annual meeting will be held on May 21st at the Beijing International Conference Center, this is Kang Sheng company (Comsenz) and laggards (im286.com) jointly organized the ten anniversary celebration party webmaster. This year’s annual meeting to welcome the open trend, grab growth opportunities as the theme, the industry will be concerned about the open, win-win topic to start a dialogue, exchange of views and experience sharing.

the conference agenda setting is rich, the main venue for the "open" and "open and win-win" and "open" three directions of the issue, there will be nearly 100 guests from all walks of life to participate in lectures, discussion. In addition to the main venue, the general assembly also set up a "Internet products and services Exchange Salon", "China and the vertical community website forum" two branch field. At the same time, the organizers plan to start "2001-2011 Internet ten years master entrepreneurs characters" and "Chinese most influential local community website", "the most influential China vertical community website" and a series of selected activities.

review the past 2010, group purchase website to Liaoyuan the hundred regiments sparks of fire, quickly started; such as micro-blog as "national rise of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, woven neck" point the day and await for it. Whether it is to buy or micro-blog, are reflected in the traditional industry and the Internet, handheld terminals and the integration of the Internet more closely. In fact, in the past ten years of integration and development process, the Internet is becoming interdependent, mutual integration, you win I win the sticky world. In this network connected to each other, not only gave birth to a variety of popular Internet applications, the entire ecosystem has been re constructed.

was originally a revolutionary change from the other side of the ocean Facebook, it creatively launched open platform, followed by Google, apple, Twitter and other companies have embarked on the open road, these giants in the birth of a large number of innovative applications at the same time, share opening brings value. As early as in 2008, Chinese Internet Co have been aware of the trend of opening, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Taobao, Shanda, renren.com, Kang Shengjun made active attempt. In 2011, the domestic platform business’s open strategy and action, is becoming more profound and thorough.

open power unstoppable, the entire Internet industry is rapidly moving towards a new era of innovation and win-win, followed by an unprecedented historical growth opportunities. Open platform providers to provide a new channel of communication, business model and a large number of customer sources, which also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to increase the value of the new space. To be in the first line of the Internet entrepreneurs, personal webmaster, faced with opportunities for development of open market, represent the general trend, how to adjust, how to act? What should adhere to, what to change? What should take? What a give up? The problem placed in front of everybody.

, director of the general assembly, Kang Sheng, director of marketing, said Zhang Xiang: welcome to the general trend of smart, grab >