The Baidu PPC back embarrassing when Hugh

recently, Baidu is fake website provides PPC once again by CCTV exposure. In fact, as early as 2008, CCTV exposure for the first time Baidu PPC search brings a large number of false medical information raging, seems to be experienced for the first time the "baptism", Baidu in the face of this persistent controversial topic, treatment is more calm and sophisticated, so far has not made any official response to this time. It seems that Baidu increasingly know how to hide something.

PPC Baidu pain and happy

as long as the ranking is still Baidu’s core business model, it will never get rid of the endless questioning and exposure. Perhaps it is aware of this, when the same scandal again suddenly struck, Baidu is speechless.

keyword bidding system has been much criticized, because it will be the general search and PPC search results mixed together. Users can not distinguish between ordinary search and PPC search, and often confused by fraudulent advertising. Although after exposure Baidu cut phoenix nest plan, and the move was interpreted as the industry change soup, because the business model does not change pay click. Analysys analyst Li Zhi also said, in essence, "phoenix nest" and there is no difference between PPC, its business model or click produced either with what pay advertising system will still exist problems such as monopoly, click fraud. This event is a perfect interpretation of this point. In the survey, the suspect said, they produce counterfeit drugs can spread to all over the country in a short period of time, an important reason is the use of Baidu PPC, let fake website "fame". The gang selling fake sales three out of four to the Baidu Inc.

why search engines frequently become counterfeit products and crime hardest hit? According to the relevant agency released the "China SME survival status report" shows that the search engine marketing has become one of the most recognized, most small and medium-sized enterprises rely on promotion way. 91% of respondents plan to increase or maintain the input of this marketing approach, much higher than the extent of their investment in other ways to promote.

Google exit, Baidu is to occupy more than 70% of China’s search engine market share. Look at Baidu’s latest earnings data: the first quarter of 2010, network marketing revenues of 1 billion 294 million yuan, an increase of 59.6%. In the Baidu search business driven by the first quarter of the enterprise network marketing is also increasing trend, the number of Baidu active online marketing customers about 22.1 million, an increase of 19.5%. This situation is due to the growth of Baidu launched in the hundreds of city national large-scale marketing forum "marketing China" activities, the majority of small and medium enterprises for the network search marketing demand presents a trend of rapid growth.

chaos is an inevitable trend in the development of the market is due to Baidu’s position in the Chinese market, there are a lot of signs that competitive ranking or phoenix nest this model does bring huge profits for Baidu. Baidu