Micro blog marketing case Durex official micro blog UGC behind

The 2987

forwarding, 536 comments of this data is quite gorgeous data for @ the official Durex micro-blog, but this data is not accidental, there are many reasons, I express my own views.

what should we learn from this micro-blog


1) fan accumulation is a process, excessive pursuit of the number is the most stupid. Of course, this thought still has a long way to go.

2) focus on user and content. When you see this, ask yourself: do you know how many active fans you have? Do you know what these people like?

3) rational use of the two communication is very helpful for communication.


micro-blog link: http://s.weibo.com/1942473263/yeTcxE5yB

high activity fan base

370 thousand fans, the activity of 40 – 60%, some of which are large V users and opinion leaders, which laid a good foundation for the spread of micro-blog. For them, as long as the content of micro-blog Durex is not too "special", they will actively participate in, and can bring two good communication effect. So micro-blog @ @ Yeyu Xunzi, Li two people brought freehand close to 400 times forward.

(to other official micro-blog brings enlightenment: do not deliberately pursue the number of fans, 10 loyal users to maintain more than 100 zombie powder)


some people often say that a very important reason why Durex can do is his topic was relatively wide, it may also be an excuse not to do their own better than Durex, for example, @ Jissbon micro-blog and Durex official, the same property, compared to Durex, Jissbon brand breadth the depth is inferior to that of Durex, a lot of.

: look at this micro-blog copy: for the second wave of violent strikes — a reminder to boys, welcome to the Chinese master. Concise and clear, with a word to tell people to do translation, no other requirements, greatly reducing the threshold of participation. With the simple picture, know a little English to understand the meaning, understand the point of the game knows that dota (picture content from the Internet, we should also reflect?), a male and a fan of Durex, the majority, once again, the effective combination of fans attribute.

when I saw this picture, the first impression in my mind was: the meaning. This word is the first in the Durex label. All the people can see a powerful and unconstrained style, according to their own ideas to translation, you can put this sentence to Baidu, can also according to their own understanding of the translation, the translation of all kinds of talented blowout, and lead.