How to avoid the aesthetic fatigue

director Zhang Yuqi derailed her husband, many netizens are stunned, exclaimed incessantly, originally Zhang Yuqi regardless of appearance, stature, temperament and fame are far greater than her director husband called "Miss", many people remain perplexed despite much thought. In fact, there is a good explanation in psychology, that is, people generally exist "aesthetic fatigue". In fact, email marketing is the same, in the mailing process, when customers are familiar with the template, the style and the content you fixed, you can make a positive change, or you need to become an essential part of customer emails.

mail opening rate is slowly declining trend, which in the industry has a term called "mailing list fatigue". Generally speaking, as long as you do from your business strategy properly, email marketing, email open rate should be gradually increased (the premise is based on your time to do A/B tests, finally find customers interested in mail style, content, structure, and other factors, when the template combination) to reach a peak, you find this value for some time after, began to slow down, means you need to make a change.


You can see the

U-Mail email platform clearly show click rate, open rate data, you must first determine what e-mail address is invalid (if necessary by telephone and other means to visit customers), if the address is valid, but the opening rate is on the decline, the Xiaobian teach you two strokes:

the first recruit, try to add some elements or change the e-mail expression

, for example, some of the product features in the mail in the form of animated scrolling presentation; animation to highlight some of the key text description. For example, the integrated use of performance audio, video and other means, a training industry U-Mail email user platform, a clip create new styles in a period of great leader Mao Zedong on the Tiananmen rostrum speech, the deep voice with a march in the parade, after the company staff on "enterprise leadership" course of speech. The effect is very good.

second strokes, so that mass e-mail has become an essential part of the customer to complete some operations

, such as U-Mail e-mail platform for an electricity supplier users, it is very good:

1 it provides all the links in the mail to register, log on to the website and complete the shopping process.

2 it is held in a number of shopping promotions, are the first to release the message through the mail, and then provides that through the mail to complete the shopping process will enjoy the discount discount.

3 it is a special day, which can only be obtained by mail invitation.

4 it with a number of enterprises’ hunger marketing strategy, such as HUAWEI, millet phone release date, so that the probability of buying through the mailbox is greater.

5 it opens the "customer comment" area in the message content, creating >