How to profit from the media

1, rely on platform influence, dissemination of information earnings

this is very good understanding, that is, from the media, large in the release of information, dissemination of information. According to the number of charges based on the number of fans, the type of platform, the release of custom location. The number of fans and the release of a good understanding of the position, the more fans, the higher the charge; the better the location, the higher the price; the platform is divided into: column, micro-blog, WeChat, etc.. Different platforms according to the customer’s industry standard charges vary. Now WeChat’s influence and absorption is slowly over micro-blog and column;


2, depending on the content of the influence, do content marketing profit

content marketing refers to a series of deep, can seize the user pain points of the article, events, attract media and potential users. Ultimately achieve the purpose of brand promotion, product sales. Charges mainly based on the influence of the media people in the industry customized. A few articles, thousands, tens of thousands, millions of. This form is more and more popular with customers. People from the media in order to avoid a lot of hydrological show their platform, often set up a corresponding threshold, such as fees, the number of customized articles and release time, some do not meet their customers in future development. This can not only guarantee the relative purity of the media content, but also to achieve profitability.

3, relying on the media influence, selling product profitability

from the media platform to reach a certain number of fans, you can cover the crowd through the platform, selling products. Products include: tangible hardware and software equipment and intangible services, such as training, consulting, consulting. The higher the accuracy of the platform, the higher the conversion. Can only sell proprietary products, but also to help Third Party recommended products.

, 4 on the "dry cargo", membership fee income earnings

through the first part of "dry cargo" to attract fans, the number of fans and market influence to a certain extent, only to pay membership open dry cargo, membership fee income earnings. This model has a very high demand for personal brand and dry cargo content from media people, is not ordinary people can play.