Small and medium enterprises soft marketing advantages

at this time, we will not be released news advertising activities to large-scale advertising interest, especially in small and medium enterprises, while under the capital operation limit, saving money to promote their brand is particularly important. Now almost all businesses will use soft marketing. The so-called marketing, must be compared to the "hard" is more convincing, because it is soft, consumers and potential consumers will let her guard down the heart, "wind sneaked into the night, moisten things silently" is this truth, so for businesses, for the enterprise, make good use of the Internet to do marketing, it is very necessary. On the promotion of various products.

below to briefly introduce the advantages of small and medium enterprises use soft marketing:

low cost, high efficiency

soft marketing has the advantages of high cost, low cost, the flow is relatively long. If the quality of soft text is good, it is equivalent to do a long-term advertising, natural conversion rate is high. The traditional marketing is the layout of the hard constraints, the radio resource limited, the amount of information, funding constraints, making it the promotion is very short, may sometimes be brought to the broad masses of the people affected, but afterwards you will soon forget. For example, many businesses are love in the bustling streets to promote their products, like the promotion of treadmill, their ads placed next to a treadmill, to attract passers-by, but according to the survey, most of the masses for such advertising that is not very satisfied, they feel too cumbersome, even to try the treadmill is not necessarily going to buy, so there is no treadmill has no effect on them. They prefer to have only a few attractive advertising words, or something else. So soft marketing slowly into people’s hearts.

has a hidden, promote more convenient

for small and medium enterprises to promote their products is necessary. And marketing is its concealment, the advertising content is encapsulated, where people do not see in advertising. But to spread, it is necessary to improve the quality of soft, only to improve the quality of soft, people will think this is the article, if the content is good, will be reproduced by micro-blog, everyone exchanges platform, the more people reproduced, your ads play louder, enterprise products naturally spread out, so it is because of the hidden marketing to make the business more convenient, indirect sell their products.

is more conducive to the development of market

information statistics reflect based on marketing, can enable enterprises to make accurate judgments on customer demand, so as to optimize product performance, improve the use value of products, improve the guarantee, especially the consumer is getting bigger and satisfaction, increase customer satisfaction of enterprise. At the same time we can also according to the customer’s reflection, adjust or improve our products, make it more suitable for consumers, so continuous for consumers to test >