6 suggestions for user guide in the e mail marketing of tourism websites


ten days ago, I received an e-mail from the world famous travel review site TripAdvisor, this email to tell me, I was how many people read in the two comments TripAdvisor written, reading reviews people are mainly distributed in those countries. At that time was moved, but made a little contribution, but I feel so many people help. At that time, micro-blog said: "this is the user incentive! Many times more than badge incentive!" (micro-blog address) the micro-blog issued, many people agree with the practice of TripAdvisor, think this is the true intentions of email marketing (EDM). @puting said: "there is nothing more exciting than letting you ‘ever pay’."


as a travel enthusiasts and Internet product personnel, used several travel sites, but also received a lot of Web site to send e-mail. Roughly compare, the difference in the level of mail of different travel sites. The following is a general analysis.

#1 TripAdvisor: insight into the hearts of email marketing

in addition to the article began to cite the example, give two examples:

1 user education via email.

to guide users to create the content of the site is probably one of the important work of many communities, users can really create content, especially in the vertical community, there is less. A very important reason: users feel trouble, do not know how to write.

in March this year, TripAdvisor mentioned that I was going to Thailand, after a month to receive an e-mail, the main content is as follows: 1 asked whether you have been to me for everyone, everyone for me. If you’ve been there, write a comment, and it’s also a feedback to the people who have helped you. 3 guide users not to be afraid. Tell me it’s not hard to write a comment, what to eat and where to live." So I wrote the article began to mention the two comments.


2 inspires users’ curiosity.

tourism is a powerful driving force to explore the unknown world, by setting foot on the place has never been to meet the curiosity, increase experience.

how to stimulate the user’s curiosity? Every time, I will receive TripAdvisor mail. For example: "ten unusual museum", "ten wonderful hotel swimming pool", "fifteen of the best place to watch the sunrise", point to look at the past, with beautiful pictures and pages interesting words, and to provide the corresponding guide entrance, a few things must, the cheapest flight list, the best hotel.