Received 57 million financing Medium is not concerned about the flow of sharing platform is not goo

lead: "what we want is the exchange, not the readers."


Medium has just announced the acquisition of $57 million A round of financing, the company’s operations director Andy Doyle published a blog post on the website, as follows:

we are pleased to announce that Medium has just raised $57 million in financing, led the new partner AndreeSSEnHorowitz, also an important leader of Google venture capital and GreylockPartners is the A round of financing. In addition, Obvious Ventures, The CherninGroup, as well as a group of A round angel investors also participated in the round of financing. Of course, the founder of Ev Williams is still our largest shareholder. The investment will be given in the future Medium very big help, so that we can continue to down-to-earth to achieve the vision of the company.

Medium was founded in 2012 and opened to the public in October 2013. From beginning to end, we provide users with a simple and complete writing tools, and we integrate with the network, focusing on user participation. Less than two years, Medium has developed into a well-known media website, and regularly provide original content on the Internet, even those who don’t often write, would like to visit Medium, because each other here to share insightful ideas, entertaining views, and touching story. Every week, there are more than 20 thousand people on the Medium platform to write, they create content by the public, to stimulate public thinking, to induce public discussion.

a lot of digital media companies will fall into a negative cycle, they rely mainly on the optimization of clicking on the network, rather than improve the quality of content; in addition they also forced content creators to use some marketing techniques (such as text) to edit the contents, rather than independent creative new ideas. They just want to expand their influence, reach more audiences, and then attract more advertisers, which makes the author and the original media become very secular".

and we Medium adopted a completely different way, we do not pay attention to traffic, the number of independent visitors, as well as the click rate of these indicators. We are not an advertising everywhere, filled with low-quality content of the garbage platform, in our community, we can not tolerate any bad behavior, but not to infringe the privacy of users.

our goal is to improve the quality of content. Medium is very clear that any action will be shared to users within the network, which means that everyone is a powerful person, regardless of your post, top of the content, recommendation, or comment, Medium can help you establish contact with you, look at problems from different angles of thinking change and motivate action. In the long run