How to treat WeChat article 10W reading


with the public number is more and more enterprises and individuals as a self media platform has appeared in public view, WeChat public number above many related digital has become more and more attention from the media operators of these indicators, even some companies will be the number of reading WeChat public number of articles as an index of employee performance appraisal. So, the amount of reading WeChat in this paper are divided into several levels, which is more than 5000, 5000-10000, 10000-50000, 50000-100000, 100000, and the amount of reading grade will let operators have different confusion, because the small amount of reading will do everything possible to improve this number, and that the amount of reading has been a breakthrough the 10W operator will be faced with how to put this on the surface of the figures into direct profit problems. So, the amount of reading WeChat 10W, we need to look at how it?

first, how to make the amount of WeChat articles to reach 10w. There are a lot of people will be released on the Internet to improve the reading skills of many WeChat articles can be said now, style diversity, such as how to write the title to attractive; the content to direct in-depth, simple and crude; writing style to the upright when not sticking to formalities, don’t be beautiful; article publishing; article must have pictures and the. Then, although these speak but is very closely reasoned and well argued, stiff, such as the WeChat over emphasize the skills, to make the content empty, in addition to other attractive title, no practical value, lack of attitudes and opinions, without a trace of activity. In addition to the current media or individual prominent media celebrity WeChat reading reached more than 10W, the other are generally small and medium level, reason is not enough to spread the contents of WeChat. Only with the emotions and feelings of the WeChat article has strong communication skill of course, these mentioned above can be used for reference, but from the media in the creation of content should be more to transfer some emotion through the article, for example in the article can spread happiness, happiness, entertainment, anger, horror, worship and so on people the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. At the same time, the article from WeChat media should also firmly grasp the principle of the content is king, stick down, do not do the title of the party, not only to attract pure traffic from the media content. In addition, in order to improve the amount of reading articles WeChat, should also make full use of the power of fans, because the article has a lot of communication from the fans to share and forward and comment.

secondly, WeChat article 10W reading will bring some problems. Although there are a lot of WeChat from the media platform to do better, the development is full of sound and colour. But those who have read the text of WeChat 10W, the public is also facing many difficulties, including the aforementioned public, profits continued income, long-term development, the number of fans, the public number gradually decreased continuously to reduce the problem of traffic. The limitation of reason and the current WeChat this platform, of course also and operator itself. On the one hand, WeChat is currently not provided directly from the media platform