The network of three volume hospital network marketing must book marketing

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a, suddenly like a night spring breeze to

overnight, private hospitals, such as mushrooms, in the land of China slowly take root, and there is a growing trend of prosperity. Although many private hospitals are some of the big group company investment, but basically all is to fight the enemy separately, segmentation that a big cake.

private hospital in addition to the Ministry of health, planning departments should be regarded as the core business. A good planning team, able to quickly capture the market for the hospital, to achieve long-term profitability, shaping a good brand to provide strong support. In many hospitals, the network department responsible for network marketing, often attributed to the scope of the project. In this paper, we will do a case study of private hospital network marketing.

two, the network Department of the three volume

with the continuous development of the concept and technology of the Internet, the new network marketing methods are constantly trying to operate in the daily business. However, in the private hospital network marketing, the current can truly reflect the performance of the work, to provide the cost of reference, or daily "three", that is, the amount of visits, consulting, outpatient. In fact, the main work of the Department of the network, or around how to improve the effective amount of access, effective consulting, and ultimately will be converted into outpatient and efforts.

access to a web site, the meaning is not very large, because only the flow of benefits is really valuable. But the present situation is more and more wide net fishing, large flow, effective ratio will increase, which can bring more potential patients. Therefore, how to improve the amount of visits, it is better to understand how to attract more targeted consumer groups. More precisely, our main task is to attract consumers who have a specific purpose to focus on the activities or pages we want them to know. Through the site traffic statistics and network consulting statistics, we can clearly find that the flow of our website, which is really valuable. In the final bid in Baidu, Google AdSense, Google Adwords, professional portals and local portal cooperation, we will be based on this point, advertising effectiveness evaluation. Or as a standard, selective try new promotion means, such as QQ pop, telecom operators and value-added services. In fact, according to our understanding, private hospitals into these Internet advertising costs, there are quite a few did not translate into effective flow, which indicates that the traditional network promotion way, there are some deficiencies and defects, and this problem I will discuss with you in the other.

to improve the effective amount of consultation, I understand that there are two aspects. One is to improve >