Soft Wen promotion details for the king two the choice of the platform and the use of skills

some time ago wrote "the website promotion is soft, is detail. (a): do the modification on the content of the article and refining", after so long, to sum up the two articles today, some methods and techniques on the platform on the soft wen.


is soft, our purpose is to through the article brings great effect to our site, the need to have two conditions, one is to have a good soft Wen, the article, which is the first paragraph mentioned above, a modified and refined over the article, not only can let our readers really learn something, can let you resonate with the author’s trust, of course, the effect is self-evident. Two is to put the good soft text to the right place. The place is generally refers to the US website for user centered platform, if our station is webmaster station, then we can put into the station, stationmaster net, push out, and so on, here gathered nearly 95% domestic webmaster, but in addition to these, the domestic there are many famous websites and forums, if sufficient energy, so can put can be put after all, wide coverage, exposure is high, your article’s influence is greater.

submission of the website of the article to review, sometimes slightly on the fine-tuning, such as reduce or change your title, I had the article called "removed from the network, we should use what the name" in the original arena, the title is: "Wang Yuezhang removed from the network, we should use what the name" arena when I went to the station network (A5) delivery time, in the title marked "Wang Yuezhang", also is the author’s name, but since then the title is too long, the result is the editor removed, though, but it is also a very successful feeling since that article, get a lot of readers, through the the article also made a few so far relations are very good friends, now think of it, if the editor can retain their name, the effect should be better, in order to solve this problem , we must grasp the scale length and review what we put on the platform of the title, see how much is the maximum length of the title retention of the platform they also remember not contain some words about illegal pornography, violence and so on the prohibition of the site in the title and content, or is your light the article is changed, heavy to you out of harm. The content of the website should pay attention to grasp the scale, since it is soft, some station is to keep all propaganda words of your article, some stations is very strict, grasp the "soft" degree, we contribute by more favorable rate. Tips: This article is to promote the original blog site Wang Yuezhang, 1 groups of network promotion (81906673) welcome more friends with the idea of communication.


identify you on the platform for the preferences, this is relatively difficult, but also a reflection of our writing skill, some websites tend to discuss technology, some prefer to study the problems, some are more likely to comment on events and so on, know these, you >