10 methods commonly used in network marketing

realize the function of network marketing through one or more network marketing, network marketing methods commonly used in addition to search engine registration are: network advertisement, link exchange, information release, mailing list, permission Email marketing, personalized marketing, membership marketing, viral marketing and so on. Here are a brief introduction of ten commonly used network marketing methods and the general effect.

(1) search engine registration and ranking. This is the most classic and most commonly used method of network marketing, now, although the effect of the search engine is not as effective as a few years ago, but the survey shows that the search engine is still people found the basic method of the new website. Therefore, registered in the major search engines and get the best ranking, is one of the website design process is to consider the issue of website officially released as soon as possible after submitted to the major search engines, is one of the basic tasks of network marketing.

(2) exchange link. Exchange links or reciprocal links, is a simple form of cooperation between certain complementary advantages of the website, the hyperlink place the other site in his website LOGO or the website name and set the other website, the user from cooperation website can be found in your own web site, to promote each other’s eyes. The role of the exchange links mainly in the following aspects: get traffic, increase user impression in the search engine rankings, increase the advantages, increase the credibility of visitors through cooperation website recommendation. More importantly, the meaning of the exchange link has exceeded whether you can increase the amount of access, more important than the direct effect of the industry’s recognition and recognition.

(3) viral marketing. Viral marketing is not really the way to spread the virus marketing, but through word-of-mouth propaganda network users, information spread like a virus and spread, spread to thousands and millions of fast copy the audience. The classic example of viral marketing is Hotmail.com. Now almost all free email providers take a similar approach to promotion.

(4) network advertising. Almost all of the network marketing activities are related to the brand image, in all the network marketing tools related to brand promotion, the role of online advertising is the most direct. The standard signs advertising (BANNER) was the mainstream of online advertising (though not only form), after entering 2001, online advertising has launched a field with vigour and vitality innovation movement, new forms of advertising appear constantly, because the new advertising can overcome the advertising banners bearing a limited amount of information, such as interactive weakness, thus obtained the relatively high number of hits. Studies have shown that the click rate of online advertising and can not fully represent the effect of online advertising for those who browse without clicking on advertising, accounting for more than 99% of the total number of visitors also have a role.

(5) information release. Information release is not only the basic function of network marketing, but also a practical means of operation