The essence of the nternet thinking want the headlines


on the Internet as a trend which cannot be halted penetrated into other industries sparks of fire spread, some people say that 2014 will be the first year of the Internet industry, cross-border integration. Wang Jianlin and Ma Yunhao bet has not cashed, Wang Jianlin has been assigned to the Internet, followed by GREE and millet 1 billion gamble, traditional enterprise can really feel the pressure from the Internet, many traditional industries began to get involved in the internet. In fact, traditional enterprises to enter the Internet is not smooth, usually put a lot of money, this time, there is no improvement results, expert advice: "want to success in the Internet, you need to use the Internet thinking to


what is the Internet thinking, this is a complex concept, Baidu encyclopedia to answer is "make full use of the spirit of the Internet, value, technology, methods, rules, the opportunity to guide, processing, innovation, work thinking." This concept is broad, the specific words, the Internet thinking is a kind of user oriented thinking, products and services is an organic life, thinking of the Internet products with media properties, business organizations must be thinking of the Internet flat…… See some confused! In fact, personally think that the so-called Internet of thinking, in the important position of BAT giant entrepreneurial experience: Internet thinking is what I want to headline


I want to be on the headlines, in 2013, friends of the singer Wang Feng and actress Zhang Ziyi love ridicule. Make the headlines for the grass-roots webmaster, is the site after the construction of the chain, content updates, Links and a series of SEO optimization methods, a keyword can appear in the search page, so as to bring high traffic to a site, and then get some benefit! The largest search engine Baidu is how to face the grassroots webmaster the headlines of action? Baidu for SEO optimization webmaster, want on the headlines of the action of the various restrictions, one is their first launched the "promotion", get real benefits, webmaster friends all know, Baidu promotion is the most Baidu’s most profitable products, then Baidu will own Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu library, Baidu news on the front page in the search engine home a total of ten positions in the promotion of Baidu and Baidu products, at least to occupy half The remaining few, let the grassroots webmaster hit the headlines in the head broken and bleeding, desperately! To the webmaster headlines opportunities, their growth is virtually the Baidu


will flow into money, compared to Baidu and Alibaba group, the latter do better! The headlines, is to get enough attention, this is the so-called "flow"! A few years ago Baidu had intended to guide the flow of their own e-commerce platform, and for just the rise of Taobao Ali group in the E-commerce platform, took immediate action to ban Baidu search engine, build their own ecological chain in Taobao, Taobao through the train and let the store appear to benefit in the home, the e-commerce platform is real money trading, and wealth flow completely hanging sign, and "headlines" means of transactions the more the number of visible.