CHAMATE Gong Guangyu how to break the 1 million 500 thousand member and 020 marketing strategy

I horse: CHAMATE opened the first shop in Shanghai in 2002, the country has nearly one hundred stores, the number of visitors each month about 800 thousand or so, the existing members about nine hundred thousand, and the average of each month to keep 35 thousand of the growth figures, it is how to do it? Shanghai chatea catering Co. Ltd. CIO and CMO Gong Guangyu share his membership with O2O marketing strategy, the following is he in a forum speech text record.

I’m going to share with you a topic today, affiliate marketing with the so-called popular O2O application strategy, I share may be some specific cases, this before I was playing an ad, CHAMATE is a Taiwan coming from a restaurant chain, our main dish is Taiwan in Taiwan, the characteristics of tea restaurant, we originated from Taiwan in 1992, and then 02 years in Shanghai opened the first shop, currently nearly one hundred stores, the number of visitors every month we probably around 800 thousand, we are now about nine hundred thousand members, of course, have to share with you some of the stories, this is our membership card to everyone the membership card should be very clear.

in 2012 we started the promotion of membership card, in fact the beginning is not very smooth, not smooth is the way, because we know to go to a restaurant or a lot of places will have a membership card, we can recommend the membership card when a method is usually let you deposit money in it, our previous promotion card would you like to be a member of our membership is stored inside three hundred or nine hundred, why did you think of this? Because they think you card inside money only loyalty, membership card inside money certainly willing to come back to improve loyalty.

if your restaurant service quality is poor, food quality is bad even if inside money may not be back, or the back of the card or not, really is a member of the media let us have the opportunity to express our gratitude through the membership card, so we say there is little friends with first-line the service partners tell them the value of membership over there this time their ideas changed, after the 2012 August began to speed our members progress faster, we each month about 35 thousand digits in the growth, what we need after we have a


we have a membership certainly need to know in order to bring us what members, then their properties, we passed through some transformation to our membership system connected with all aspects of the transaction, membership to our shop consumption marked many labels, this time we had an activity, we give him a label this time, he came to love to eat what drink what drink what love spend how much money, how much time we are behind the data collected, so we know more and more about the membership, membership after getting to know what we can do


we have a database of features that we get back from the store every day