Tmall’s eleven double track record turnover of wireless end shopping from the supplement to the main


Tmall eleven turnover of record breaking wireless end shopping from the supplement to the main

[global network technology reporter Chen Jian] "3 minutes turnover exceeded 1 billion", "38 minutes turnover exceeded ten billion", "first hours of Alipay to pay 62 million 830 thousand pen"…… Yes, you see these data is just in Tmall and Taobao’s double eleven to create a record, and this record is the creator of the u.s..

although it has been widely used for Alibaba Tmall and Taobao to break the record has been good enough to prepare, but still the big screen quickly rolling the number of shocked. The electricity supplier festival but also to the original singles from the early morning sitting beside the computer no longer sad melancholy, but excited to watch my shopping cart, ready to pay.

Taobao eleven since the beginning of 2009, along with the rapid development of China’s e-commerce has become the focus of the country and the world. Today, the eleven has also been recognized as China’s e-commerce industry annual event. But this year Tmall double eleven in addition to light records, there are many places worth speaking of.


listed after the first show performance drive prices

Alibaba has been listed in the United States in September, its stock price has exceeded the traditional retail giant WAL-MART. Ali as the first show after the listing, the importance of natural multi word. Tmall double eleven transaction size, Ali occupy much proportion, in the China festival for Chinese electricity supplier Ali electricity supplier and the practical benefits obtained from the double eleven will affect the judgment of investors.

trading in just three hours on the 11, Ali’s share price has exceeded $117. In a good momentum, stock prices have been more optimistic about the situation, "double eleven" rather than Ali touchstone, as it is a show of muscle.

domestic brands have bright electronic products outstanding performance

according to preliminary statistics, this year is the largest number of businesses involved in the number of years a year, only 27 thousand of Tmall merchants involved. The Chinese enterprise performance is quite brisk, electronic products, millet, Meizu, HUAWEI in the first few hours firmly occupy the top three. And home appliances products, Hisense, Haier, etc. are also occupied the top five. The millet brisk performance, millet Tmall official flagship store in the mobile phone category and store the whole category TOP20 store shops ranked first.

but in clothing brands panic buying large, UNIQLO, Nike and other foreign brands still occupy a dominant position. In individual sports brand in the top three are occupied by foreign brands, a few hours ago only panic buying, Lining broke into the top five. But double eleven has just started, no one will guess the final results. >