Once again from the SNS trends related to the domain name investment

SNS, the social networking social.

from the first neighbor, the sky, Chu will contact home, the name card business, personnel, industry vertical applications,

to the school, the same floor, city and other regional communication,

from Lily, Jiayuan, marry me dating

to 51, I Baidu, game website blog started

from the dog, such as the rise of interest in the community of


to watercress network, happy network growth.

SNS has become a fashion, in the domestic Internet Tencent, Baidu, Ali three giant has also been eager for a fight.

QQ group is undoubtedly the most popular SNS applications.


Post Bar, space, Ali’s friends circle, YAHOO relations are gradually integrated.

from the past to the present, the community has been the general trend of the development of the internet.

because the community can give the most users, the most fundamental is nothing more than friends, trading.

look at these two years of living communities such as 55BBS, 19 floor, the fence by the group to buy, discounts and other growing,

as well as a variety of B2C, C2C sprang up in general.

For example,

C2C ah, B2C Jingdong, red children, all with small music amoy.

is popular, I think this market is mature.

whether it is SNS, or e-commerce.

combine to create a profit is the focus of attention of the industry, C2C is a way out of the SNS argument is not without reason.

if SNS is not who can play, Baidu do with traffic, QQ do with the user. Ali to do business pulse.

so regionalization can not play, the industry can not play, garbage can not play. This is a paper tiger concept. It is popular, popularity, contacts.

back to the domain name investment, because I think the same can not be avoided: follow the trend, some good byte is a small site, or after the comparison of preference. Easy to be recognized, to the user to the site positioning consensus. Make a list of relevant valuable fields for reference.

C2C: pat, easy, Amoy, buy, sell, sell.

SNS: group, circle, family, society, friends, people, margin.

name to name, do not flicker with pinyin. Buy a lot of GO fields. Don’t care too much about the terminal, only care about the terminal you want.

followed by the meaning of the king, three words of red children, home easy, certainly better than the selling of the word two.

investment need to be cautious. Marketing should be sincere. I know where I will eat, for example my investment group is a group of words in the domain name, hand Chak >