Zhang Xiaosong norms online trading approach is just the beginning

State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently issued the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management, including the establishment of the shop "real name system", regulate trade contracts and transaction documents, the protection of consumers’ personal information, convenient consumer complaints and other online transactions for the key link, to regulate the online commodity transactions, improve transaction integrity, satisfaction rate, it has strong pertinence and practical effect.

in recent years, online shopping to break through the restrictions of time and space, convenient customer consumption of a variety of convenience, from scratch to develop rapidly. According to statistics, China’s online shopping experience has more than 100 million people, with annual sales of more than $200 billion. Expected in the next 5 years, online shopping will account for more than 5% of China’s social commodity retail sales. Online shopping to bring consumers a new shopping experience at the same time, there are also some shoddy, more in name than in reality does not regulate business behavior or even deliberately harm consumer fraud, overshadowed the credibility of online commodity trading, adversely affect the healthy development of new shopping way have to some extent this quite promising.

market economy is the rule of law economy, credit economy. Norms can be healthy, good faith can be long. The development of commodity market is no exception. Compared with the traditional way of shopping, online shopping convenient and efficient It goes without saying that, but online merchants identity fraud, commodity information distortion, poor controllability of the trading behavior of potential risks, the one hand makes the online shopping market, bad dragons and fishes jumbled together difficile, on the other hand will lay the transaction disputes, increase the risk of infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

promulgated the interim measures, change the current online commodity trading rules lack of status, operators have legal rules, the rights and interests of consumers get effective protection, enhance consumer confidence, operators engaged in transactions, a more standardized, more secure virtual shopping market, it will become more vigorous and broad prospects.

new features of the Internet and the emergence of continuous use, so that the ascendant online commodity trading market is full of new situations, new changes. The development of dynamic changes in the market, to consumers continue to bring new experience and new fun at the same time, but also to the relevant management work put forward higher requirements, the flow should be fixed from time to time. In this regard, business management and other related departments should implement the Interim Measures for the foundation, to speed up the establishment of network market supervision system, relying on information technology to improve network market supervision; the associations at all levels should further smooth channels for complaints, provide legal aid for consumers; consumers should enhance awareness of rights, improve the ability to use the network, develop shopping check shop information, shopping vouchers after leaving the trading habits, in the joint efforts of everyone, the online commodity trading into a business integrity, customer satisfaction, operational norms, rights have assured the market, the market.