Wish introduced the new deal to combat the maximum penalty for infringement of permanent shut shop

news October 25th, learned billion state power network, today announced that Wish has recently updated our policy on intellectual property infringement.

Wish stressed that any merchant account infringement of intellectual property rights of others will have the risk of being suspended or permanently closed.

pointed out that in order to avoid the risk of the account is suspended, the seller should avoid uploading goods that infringe intellectual property rights, and remove all goods infringing content, and serious violations and never repeated violations of intellectual property rights.

it is reported that, Wish was founded in December 2011, is the main one thousand thousands of thousands of intelligent recommendation mobile shopping platform. Announced earlier this year has received $50 million investment in Jingdong, the valuation reached $3 billion 500 million.

founder Wish Szulczewski interview with foreign media in this year has revealed that in 2015 Wish sales platform to sell billions of dollars, mainly for small items. Last year, the average number of Wish users on the platform for 5 times.

billion state power network to understand, from the beginning of last year, Wish constantly improve the user experience and improve the sellers. In March this year, or even open to achieve a new seller to deliver the new deal, the seller’s longest order fulfillment time adjustment from 7 days to 5 days, from the delivery time and delivery time to improve the logistics requirements of Wish sellers.

Wish announcement reads as follows: