Where is the way out


engaged in enterprise management industry for 6 years, from 03 years to 20 thousand yuan a corporate Web site, 2000 to 09 years, recently heard a lot of friends and even buy the domain name space to do a website, so we really don’t know how to survive in this industry.

I do now is mainly the construction site around 2500, 51 launched a promotional activities, the basic entry package, the effect is very good, 1500 yuan, space, domain name, website, website Baidu included, but the basic are counterfeit Alibaba shops, for everyone to see examples of http://s.www.hdzxxc.com/ and http://s.www.hzjidian.com are the two is that the site is simple, although the 2800 Alibaba sent this thing, but many people still don’t need Ali, if alone to this website, the only company like ours do, I say this package reflects the good,


1, for the establishment of the company, simple, can be done within 40 minutes.

2, low cost, no art, no programmers, such a site, understand the point of the site is only the construction of the existing procedures on the line.

3, for the customer, since it is an entry type, generally acceptable, low prices, there are sites, and see their products and telephone, happy.

4, Baidu included, keywords row up, received orders a year, absolute value.

now this time, in order to survive, can choose the price, service items donated much to do, I summed up the look, if in accordance with the previous method, separate website and promotion, it is difficult to survive, unless you are the big Internet companies, such as in the class, they are not afraid, there is a profit a small company, rather than individuals, individuals with low cost; establishment simple, as indeed what animation, choose to make money, fast money orders, is I now, more than 12000, basically do not take, last year received two, finally down a calculation of time and cost, no small sites to make money, indifferent, big website can do a typical case, or get out to brag! He said to this, the first time to write articles, there may be little ink, do not know there is no use , we criticize, high school when the language is not