E commerce development strategy and focus

red Wangzhuan forum has recently been in the discussion of electronic commerce, electronic commerce as a key China market in the future, its role can not be ignored. In order to promote the development of e-commerce, adhere to the "government to promote, improve the environment, the main business, give full play to the advantages of regional cooperation" strategic approach. For the development of electronic commerce, the government should make a plan for the future. To promote the informationization construction, perfecting the legislation of electronic commerce, logistics system and guiding the credit system and payment system construction, promote the development of electronic commerce technology standards, increase the electronic commerce infrastructure and key areas of research and development support, and constantly promote the development of electronic commerce.

through the development of a series of electronic commerce in China has made some achievements, the e-commerce environment is improving, but at the current stage, the electronic commerce has not been widely accepted, especially the development of supporting system of electronic commerce lag in electronic commerce. Therefore, to continuously improve the environment of e-commerce, especially to improve the construction of supporting system of electronic commerce, to create a good social, cultural, legal, logistics, payment, credit and technology environment for the development of electronic commerce. Electronic commerce is the micro economic activities, and the main economic activity is the main body of the electronic commerce enterprise, so the micro economic activities of enterprises should also be fully respect the autonomy of enterprises, in the construction of decision making in electronic commerce, business advantage, development and long-term development of the enterprise e-commerce strategy development strategy to adapt to the rapid development. To promote the enterprises to better participate in international competition.

golden Wangzhuan feel the strategy focus on the development of electronic commerce not only needs the policy support of the environment, but also need to develop a certain social and cultural environment to support it. There is a lot of work to do this, but the main work is: change the concept of the people, improve the social acceptability of electronic commerce; cultivating talents needed in the development of electronic commerce, to meet the needs of the development of electronic commerce.

1, to strengthen the development of e-commerce technology, participate in the formulation of standards.

The development of

e-commerce needs the support of a certain technical system, but the development of e-commerce technology, especially e-commerce security technology is still not perfect, the basic technology is relatively weak. Some of the foreign e-commerce security technology is very good, but due to the limitations of the country’s password policy, open algorithm for them can hardly be kept secret, the potential security risks. Unfortunately, our country has not yet developed a more mature algorithm. Therefore, in order to promote the development of e-commerce, we should focus on the completion of a number of key technologies. These include: CA Certification Center; settlement center; electronic identification; supply chain management; payment gateway; tax regulation; electronic signature; trademark security; security database; firewall technology; information encryption technology. Analysis of the commonness and individuality of e-commerce development in developed countries and regions for reference, combining with the current development of China’s e-commerce, based on strategic objectives and policies, China should cultivate the social and policy of electronic commerce > ring