Chinese cross border electricity supplier Conference on big coffee gathering small and beautiful

this issue of cross-border electricity supplier training, we don’t talk about Amazon, we talk about cross-border cross-border situation! Chat chat chat, cross-border future challenges and success of the 2016 cross-border! China cross-border e-commerce conference, we are going to listen to a large coffee on cross-border electricity supplier experience sharing and interpretation of



today, 2016 CCBE cross-border e-commerce Seatrade conference and the 6 anniversary of the Oscar years into second days, compared to the first day, still wonderful! Continue to show a big cross-border cross-border electricity supplier industry feast for you! The best dry cargo sharing, the most down to earth experience to teach, the most intense confrontation of ideas all in today, by the sea trade association, by the sea as a cross-border cooperation unit sixth Chinese cross-border e-commerce Conference on


today, Xiaobian to pick the bigwigs wonderful quotation. Don’t ask why only small "removal", because of the small series do not want to tell you, bosses can not stop sharing dry cargo, the delay of nearly 2 hours before the end, Xiao Bian also want the first time to send you


with the dry cargo sharing, we will gradually introduce, in the latter part of the cross-border electricity supplier training on

please pay attention!


Liu Zhiyong, founder of the sea trade

too many brothers do standard class, especially do 3C independent website, the day is really difficult, because the profit value is too low. Third party platform has to do standard products of company profits and the market gradually downward pressure, reminds me of that year to participate in the activities of Liu Qiangdong said, said at the time the Jingdong will get rid of all standard network products, they do not have any living space. Foreign trade, cross-border electricity supplier in this field, I see this is the case, more and more difficult. Why is it not as fast as the domestic market, because the global market has a long expansion from economically developed areas to less developed regions?. I estimate the choice of fast sell through, the pace of the Amazon, the standard independent website days really sad. Another good sign, like the recent non-standard independent website and rejuvenated, this is yesterday morning the Lee said the implant, including the vertical category you see independent website, now take some investment, I feel as if all of a sudden. I think this is a good phenomenon.

Xu Yeyou ORICO chairman

I often focus on cross-border electricity supplier of WeChat, I found that there is a great phenomenon, many recent cross-border electricity supplier training, and training content in a course that is taught in many products, sellers choose products, menu items SKU, I found that the selection strategy can be some questions, I think the selection of more analog selection important. The so-called male fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang. Selection is the same. How to choose the category? Which category is not to make money, which category is blue ocean, what kind of people do well we do, is not the case. I think we choose the category of the brand must be with me >