Wu Xiaoling exposed electronic commerce law framework at the nternet


news March 27th news, on the morning of the Boao Financial Forum breakfast closed door meeting, deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Wu Xiaoling early exposure draft content framework of Electronic Commerce Law: the information in this legislation, in addition to the trading rules outside the scope, but also a clear personal information property, personal information and privacy; and the provisions of illegal default can be the scope of publicity and use.

e-commerce law drafting team leader for the former governor of Zhejiang Province, the current deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Lv Zushan. Wu Xiaoling, as one of the members of the meeting called, financial committee is drafting e-commerce law, I hope you can start from practice, that the law should provide what we can actively recommend."

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in her voice, it is at the door the breakfast ICBC President Zhang Hongli, Chinese postal savings bank governor Lv Jiajin, four group chairman Duan Yongji, chairman Tian Suning, director general of the broadband Capital Securities Market Research and Design Center China Wang Boming, vice – chairman of the association Chen Zhangliang, Shenzhen Chinese notes treasure limited company president Li Huajun.

had earlier media reports, according to the normal work plan, the legislative amendments will be completed during the year. Wu Xiaoling in the closed breakfast earlier revealed that in the information legislation, in addition to the trading rules, there are two important points: one is to clear the property attribute of personal information, "it is a kind of virtual property, but it is definitely an intangible asset, to the property, and then clear out to clarify the scope of personal information and privacy.

second, the default provisions of illegal publicity scope and use "when a bad hopeless? So I think we should give the bad guys to punish, but also should give him the opportunity to start with a clean slate, such as a bad record in the following how long can not be used, this is the past record is invalid."

seems to Wu Xiaoling, the past is the main result of the behavior of credit data, and now the big data credit also includes behavioral process data. Now the Internet era, there is no information on the activities of the Internet will be difficult to benefit from credit." She joked, "I didn’t get to the Internet, I can only call, watch the news."

as the information source of the Internet age, Wu Xiaoling made three possible. First, the individual and enterprise authorized access to account activity information and online activity information. "Personal information is personal wealth, he has the right to control property, should be protected by law, and you have to use this information, must be authorized by law."

two is that we should try our best to appeal to the government information disclosure. Wu Xiaoling believes that the results of all administrative data need to be open, but the degree of openness of government information in various departments to do too bad.

three is a social, self regulatory organization of the credit default information, such as tax evasion. She said, should pull the lower threshold to strengthen the matter in the post supervision, in addition to the government, but also to mobilize social organizations to participate in