Keble student drugged in club drink spiking

first_imgA male student from Keble had hisdrink spiked at The Bridge nightclub on Tuesday. The student, who wishes toremain anonymous, had his money stolen and was hospitalized as a result. The student said, “I went to The Bridgewith a mate on Tuesday night and met up with some others there. We bought somedrinks and stacked them up so we didn’t have to keep queuing – I only had aboutsix  drinks over five hours.  “The last thing I recall washaving three drinks waiting on the bar and getting about half way through the firstone – after that it was total memory blackout until this morning when I woke ina hospital bed with a drip.”He went on to say that he had about£50 removed from his wallet that night, but that nothing else went missing. EveBugler, Keble’s JCR President reiterated the importance of going to thehospital in cases of suspected drug spiking and having tests done so that thereis enough evidence for the police to proceed with investigations. Bugler said, “despite Oxford seeming like asafe city, it is important to emphasise to all students that they should bevigilant all the time. All should make sure that they watch their drinks and donot accept drinks from strangers. Hopefully a greater awareness of theimportance of being careful will help to eliminate incidents like these.” A spokesperson from the ThamesValley Police advised students, “Try to buy your own drinks and don’t takedrinks from people that you don’t know. don’t leave your drinks unattended.” Followingthe incident, an e-mail was sent out to members of the Keble JCR and othercolleges including St Edmund Hall, urging students to be cautious.  The victim said, “I’ve informedthe JCR to warn everyone to be careful: it doesn’t seem to be an isolated incidentand it’s not only girls at risk.” On Wednesday, former Keble student RichardCraig was also hospitalized after being attacked in Park End, which had beenhosting a Zoo entz night. He received stiches in his head resulting from havingbeen “bottled”, although was released from hospital the same night.Ruth Pitcher, Keble JCR Welfare Officertold Cherwell, “The College is extremelyconcerned about such occurrences and in light of recent events have stronglyadvised students to err on the side of caution when out at night. I would liketo reiterate the importance of vigilance in bars and clubs, and encourageeveryone to keep drinks as close as possible at all times.”ARCHIVE: 3rd week MT 2005last_img