HEA 1019 -The Body Camera Bill.

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Submitted by State Representative Gail Riecken, D 77There were several bills that passed this last session, like HEA1337, that legislators on both sides of the isle said had gone too far. That law signed by the Governor was struck down by the courts yesterday.However, not all bills were bad and I was fortunate to work on one that shines as a success when everyone works together for the benefit of Hoosiers.HEA 1019 is the Body Camera bill. The new law goes into effect today and for the first time gives a person involved in a recorded law enforcement activity access to view a recording of a camera worn by law enforcement or on the dash of the vehicle. To learn how to request access and who specifically is awarded that opportunity, go to my website www.in.gov/H77 for a report written in question and answer form.The Body Camera law is a start and we will see revisions as we try out this new law. As my part I will be requesting through the public access process any local reports and the resolution of those reports each month through October. Although the law helps give access, there is one major flaw in that the law and thatis it does not state the length of time between the request and the response from law enforcement.As a matter of good faith I have encouraged law enforcement to adopt a local policy on the time period and make it well known. This and one other issue were mentioned most when I spoke with constituents about the law—when are cameras allowed to be on and off and what happens in case of malfunction. I believe law enforcement has policies regarding these topics and hope they are made public as soon as possible.last_img