Micro blog marketing actual case 5 fans a day to break the promotion skills

why do we love chase on the tip of the tongue "China"? Why do we become a personal fan? Why not long Jack time? Micro-blog scripts created a number of points like the party party ha? RT @ three friends in the end there is no use? A day increase of 10 thousand fans to the bottom is not an interesting reality? How much is the micro-blog sales force


is about a fan of the economy, like duck blood soup, core is to rely on fans to achieve profitability. So the fans of the medium, the profit is selling zombie fans of the zombie fans is to map a data good-looking, 10 dollars a day increased ten thousand, all tens of thousands is not a problem, who let Chinese good is a surface? Of course, looking for a small n, silk powder brush to more than 1 million, just to find a few micro-blog marketing platform to hang, a one hundred or two hundred, but also can achieve profitability. At least have a home paste mouth line, want to send home to a rich, or to accumulate real powder.

micro-blog wants to accumulate real fans, increase the fan activity, the first to do micro-blog’s position, followed by the stories, the best is a serial story. Week radio drama fire, why users can keep calm? Catch is that plot of urgency. A high degree of activity of micro-blog is bound to have its own unique flavor of the fans, these fans will be a result of a micro-blog from the media atmosphere, once formed this breath, waiting for public relations companies, advertisers to find it.

so how fast and effective form of this kind of self media breath?

1/ positioning (account domain)

wants to achieve micro-blog’s long-term business value, a domain independent position of micro-blog is certainly better than a hodgepodge of micro-blog to go farther, more easy to realize commercial value, and more easily grasp the core in the promotion of the time of users. For example: positioning, food, pets, chicken soup, emotion, travel, public knowledge, etc., each location has a natural commercial value behind. In accordance with the current recipes on the food, pet adorable adorable pictures of this model is clearly out of date, we must find an independent edge areas, shaping their own characteristics. To @ seven Mr. for example, we have to find an independent feature, with adorable pet golden retriever dog tone about emotion, emotional topics with delicacy characteristics as the characteristics of material accumulation, and the golden retriever dog chowhound fans group.

2/ topic (Storytelling)


material porters, playing original, may be tired, but fans of high fidelity. In the seven topic # seven and I agreed # Nanxiaowang for example, continue to speak the serial, three months caused over 50 thousand people to share 30 million people to read, reprint, 3 Publishing House published an appeal. This is the charm of the story, a good story will be an independent feature of a micro-blog, so that fans have fun to chase the story.

, of course, the most effective topic of micro-blog, must be an interactive topic, so that users have a sense of participation in the topic, so that the topic can be achieved to generate content users, in order to squeeze into the list of topics. >