Father John Misty Shares “Ballad Of The Dying Man” To Ridicule Man’s Obsession With Social Media [Listen]

first_imgFather John Misty is a man of simple taste and robust opinion. Known for writing ballads relevant to the present moment, he shares his newest single “Ballad of the Dying Man” from Pure Comedy due out April 7. The new song explores the human relationship with social media, and how we are brought down by our obsessive tendencies. “Eventually the dying man takes his dying breath/ But first checks his news feed to see what he’s ’bout to miss,” he sings.The lyrics read: “So says the dying man, ‘Once I’m in the box, just think of all the overrated hacks running amok/ All the pretentious, ignorant voices that will go unchecked/ The homophobes, hipsters and one-percent.’” Listen to the new track below:Listen to “Two Wildly Different Perspectives” from earlier this week:last_img