Vulfpeck Premieres “Cory Wong” Music Video From “The Beautiful Game”

first_imgCory Wong is the jedi-master secret weapon of Vulfpeck, plays on 70% of The Beautiful Game, and is referred to as “the album’s Billy Preston.” Vulf-fans might recognize his name from the final track of the 2016 album, or perhaps from some of his appearances with the band in Internet land. Wong’s style blends in perfectly with the originality of the Ann Arbor-bred phenomenons. He’s the subtle hero who can take a guitar part and turn it into his own magical Vulf-y thing.Longtime fans of Vulfpeck are already hip to the name, as Wong made his debut collaboration back in 2013 in their YouTube video “TOUR VLOG 002” when the band had the night off in Tulsa and got funky with the strat-o-master. The jam has since evolved into “Cory Wong,” a song that snuck into Vulfpeck’s live repertoire over the summer and is featured as the final track on The Beautiful Game. Watch the first-ever “Cory Wong” below:Today, Vulfpeck releases the official video of the 2016 album’s recording of “Cory Wong,” complete with Vulfy commentary, original studio videography, and live footage from the Teragram Ballroom performance on June 23, 2016. Released four years after the song’s totally random conception, it’s songs like this that make Vulfpeck so special.Read more about Cory Wong and his work with Vulfpeck in this interview.last_img