Network larvae traffic flow needs traffic

    above these words are not the most experienced webmaster heart? Read the following article you will know where to flow.
        do not know how, so the key words can be made out of me to write an article? You can revel in the ha!!! Because this article is the gospel of your website.
          the name of the network larvae, from his web site to build on the major sites crazy to write articles, articles written by the majority of the owners are welcome. So what? Network larvae will write about the site every day. Hope that we pay attention to because the network larvae of the article in the first, it can be said that the issue of synchronization! Ha-ha。
        or get to the point! Traffic flow needs traffic! This sentence written in the heart of the webmaster. No traffic website owners see will cheer up, rally.
        today’s website want to make money is actually rely on your site has no flow. The flow may in this life you have enough to live comfortably, because traffic will be converted into economic overnight. In fact, we do not think he is too difficult. We have to look at it in an ordinary way. In fact, I am also a webmaster. I do not know how many times every day to see traffic statistics. Because I want my website traffic every day, watching the people more and more each day, that is to achieve the effect of. Traffic is mainly brought about by the majority of Internet users, different sites will bring different Internet users. Because they care about different things, so this will be an antidote against the disease.

1 to promote the content of your website in the crowd.

, for example, you drive a movie website. You can’t run around with people who don’t like watching movies. We’re looking for a place to go. For example, I opened the website of the web site teaching I can not go to those who sell the forum to promote it! This is simply irrelevant. For example, you want to go to my house, my home in the south, you go to the south to find me. Do you find it that way? This is what you describe is open is what the site must first determine the main site, first identified as the main propaganda it was not so difficult, that is your purpose is to work for your company, you will go towards the direction of the company. Instead of going in the opposite direction of the company. This can be said to be the most simple believe that we can understand.

2 you do not want to flow to those who do not have the flow of your site advertising.

or give examples, a very simple truth. Do you think there are more people on the road in the crowd? Or in only >