Product operations do these 7 things you go to business

has done a few years of Internet operations, in fact, the idea of entrepreneurship has long been sprouting, now out of their own business is not impulsive. The process of chat and friends in the ordinary old, many operators have found new friends after the first business ideas, I admire them from the heart, because they have ideas, we know that the first step is that you dare to think. And now the highly innovative, public business era, every person, as long as you have an idea, can go to realize their entrepreneurial dreams! But then again, there is a saying: the road of entrepreneurship is a close call, business is not only the idea on a momentum is enough, it will last die very miserable! In old opinion, for operation novice, if you want to start, at least a few things you need to do the following:

1, do their own work;


I really hate this kind of people, believe that most will have the same feeling with me: my job is done well, but always talk about ideals, advocating the grand blueprint for the people. In fact, the ideal I know in my heart, until the time is ripe, decisive attack, so that others will be for you to sit up and take notice of


so if you have the idea of entrepreneurship, the time has not arrived, the first thing you should do is to do your work, and now the company is paying you to work, whether it is starting from the faith, or responsibility, you can’t live up to the job! "/p>

there is no sense of responsibility and integrity of the people, entrepreneurship is doomed to failure!

actually do their work at the same time, you are also growing, learn a lot of professional skills, for example, you can upgrade their website operation ability (such as how drainage, how the user to stay, how to stimulate the transformation, how to do data analysis and so on), and more practical skills (such as packaging copy, all drainage method, interactive new media etc.), because the company is a large platform, you can enjoy the play, you know, a good knife is grinding out


so, when you choose to go out of business one day, then you will feel what you have learned is a wealth.

2, familiar with other network skills;


note: if you think you have the super cow management ability of Ma, this can be ignored. If you are an ordinary migrant workers, I believe that the following suggestions are valuable to you!

do their own work, then you will certainly be able to enhance the professional skills, but for a future will embark on the venture you, this is enough?.

now no matter what type of business you are engaged in, you can say that, certainly can not be separated from the Internet, and the professional skills of the Internet business is very rich