Micro blog marketing can not save Taobao small sellers only save their own

this is a manuscript for "grand" advertising magazine, the first issue for everyone to take tile pat. Feel love for print or bend touch the earth, holding a deep sniff fragrant ink roll people.

was a painstaking effort to micro-blog electricity supplier, but now there is no movement. Ali seems to stake in Sina micro-blog, many small and medium-sized sellers Taobao regained confidence, waiting for the arrival of the moment change. Micro-blog marketing is not suitable for small sellers, this problem seems to be looking for answers. Understandable, micro-blog rely on Forwarding and attention to the two functions, making the speed of information dissemination, dissemination of breadth has been greatly improved. Micro-blog has strong media properties, the spread of social events, businesses and businesses to create a brand is very good. However, because of the amount of information overload and the user’s mind is limited, coupled with the early violent acts of popular marketing, micro-blog’s marketing value is on the decline.

from the product perspective, the micro-blog UCG platform and not the social position as a form, now looks like just between the user and the user, create and deliver more of the content. Many micro-blog users have chosen silence, micro-blog seems to have become a daily look at the news of the media in their daily diary to facilitate the diary of life. Thus, when the user’s activity gradually declined, the product life cycle has begun to mature from the recession over.


is an extension of Web2.0 era blog, not radical root deep, social attribute is not strong, is not the basis for the application of the internet. Ali’s own social products in the station after repeated failure to recruit, want to borrow this platform to solve the flow of domestic demand micro-blog import, personal feel that the place is still available. But from the point of view of Taobao small sellers themselves, micro-blog marketing really can not save you.

early micro-blog is to allow a lot of sellers get some dividends, but the fruit was picked up by a group of speculative sellers. A variety of fake and shoddy products appear in the large forwarding micro-blog, it seems that overnight a complete underground industry chain formed. All kinds of business, brush brush brush fans private messages, comments, forwarding, large account authentication by the seller who sought to get gold and follow the crowd to micro-blog. Just at this time, as the country’s largest micro-blog service provider sina is faced with imperfect management system, business model is not clear, internal and other issues. Micro-blog management and rectification environment, although Sina in the effort, has become increasingly powerless. After the wave tide of chaos falls, Nongchao people Xianpao, naked also feel shy to stay down, micro-blog this beach to restore calm in the past.

today, Taobao small sellers are also looking forward to Ali can save Sina micro-blog, Sina and micro-blog can help themselves. I believe that relying on the platform as a result of their own. Micro-blog marketing can not save you, there are three reasons:

first: as a small seller, not only rely on the free flow of Taobao station support live. Station >