Zhang Yansen how to create a large flow of personal website to make money

in fact, this is an old topic, and I do not say that we all know that money is nothing more than the several models. But I want to use my old topic on the experience of the new old topic, say to help new.

for personal Adsense, most of them are currently making money in advertising alliance. However, this money is not really good, you must have a large flow, you can make money, traffic is king. Many webmasters are even difficult to recover costs.

how to get large traffic? This is related to the location of the site, if you are not a network promotion master, but to do the popular theme of the site, which basically no drama. So, consider a more popular website, the theme of the competition is not fierce, can do. Because, again is popular theme, there will be a considerable audience. This can not be ignored. China is a populous country, resulting in the phenomenon of China is a big marketing country. Promising lines.

, for instance, as I do "the poet China painting calligraphy painting net", these are not very popular theme, although many websites, but a lot is a display, more is not understand people do website promotion. We go to see it? It is a forum in my home, with the similar portal template, because in the beginning not what popularity, I thought of using such a template, can avoid the appearance of desolation. I am an amateur webmaster, busy with work, no time to engage in what website, and I also made a "118 stock website" and "Chinese medical soft net", "Nantong 1 net" the website, so it is busy.

of course, do calligraphy painting this kind of website, some people may say that he did not understand the Chinese painting, do not be afraid, in fact, this fear is understandable, because I was practicing calligraphy’s sake, will do this kind of website. But you do not understand it does not matter, you can imitate others. Success begins with imitation, such as calligraphy, first copying the ancient rubbings, painting, must first master copy. In fact, all things are from imitation to open, and then gradually into some of their own things. So do the same.

popular theme also has a good, is the audience to find, such as calligraphy, these people just in calligraphy calligraphy, calligraphy forum, QQ group, and Taobao to sell books store buyers calligraphy. That is where these people are easy to find. It’s not all about it. Another advantage is that this group of people are very quality.

you give them something useful, they will go to see, and thank you.

then say that imitation, such as my "118 stock website" is to imitate others, but I The students surpass the teacher. master. I do better than they do. I do not use ready-made templates or source code, all my own handmade out. I understand art, calligraphy, graphic design, so better than others. And I have studied stocks for many years, and I am familiar with the stock