Dubrovnik reduces the number of visitors within the walls to 4.000?

first_imgDubrovnik plans to drastically reduce the number of visitors who would at one point be allowed to enter within the walls in the next two years. In this way, we want to prevent the deterioration of the historic core, Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković explained to the British Telegraph, a report on travel.How it transmits Dubrovačkivjesnik.hr, Franković decided to go below the limit recommended by UNESCO – 8.000 visitors at one point, saying he would set that limit at 4.000 people. “With this move we want to ensure a quality experience of visiting Dubrovnik for our guests. We don’t want to go to the maximum. “said the mayor of Dubrovnik, who was elected to the post in June.Last year, UNESCO warned Dubrovnik that it had questioned the preservation of cultural heritage due to the uncontrolled number of tourists who flock to the city center every day. Last month, Telegraph Travel reported concerns from local authorities as the city was threatened by an influx of tourists. In early April at the entrance to the historic center of Dubrovnik cameras with visitor counters were set up and in this way the city authorities can slow down and divert traffic if they estimate that too many visitors pose a danger to the City and to tourists. “I am not here to make people happy, but to improve quality of life in the city. Cruisers won’t agree with me on that, but my main goal is to insure quality for tourists, and this will not happen if the situation remains as it is. Over the next two years, our profits from tourism will decrease, we may lose a million euros, but it will pay off in the long run. We deserve to be a top destination after quality ” Frankovic explained to the British Telegraph.Fewer cruisers on the AdriaticIn the first half of 2017, foreign cruise ships made the least voyages in seaports compared to the same period in the last 10 years. Compared to the same period in 2016, the number of trips of foreign cruise ships decreased by 18,1%, and the number of passengers on these ships decreased by 14,8%. The total number of days spent by ships in the same period decreased by 24,7%.Last year, 529 cruisers sailed into the Dubrovnik waters, from which 799.916 tourists arrived, which is a significant increase compared to 2015 when 475 cruisers arrived, while this year in the first six months the number of cruisers decreased both in the Adriatic and in Durbovnik (183 cruisers). See more on this topic hereFor the first time, the Krka National Park exceeded the number of 10.000 visitors at the same time in the park, and the protocol was activated, ie the entry banThe public institution Krka National Park recently decided limit the number of visitors to 10.000 at a time at the most visited and most attractive locations of this park to protect the natural, historical and cultural treasures that are visited annually by over a million foreign and domestic tourists. On August 07, the Krka National Park broke the number of 10.000 visitors in the park at the same time for the first time, and the protocol, ie the ban on entry, was activated. “That August 7 limit was reached around 13 p.m. Upon arrival, the Park staff informed the visitors that there would be a moment when ticket sales would be suspended and offered them other options, which some visitors embraced and went on a tour of the middle course by bus Park, and in return visited Skradinski buk. On the other hand, part of the visitors remained in line, aware that in other places in Europe there is a queue until the places are vacated. That happened about 20 minutes later, when the first boat and bus left the Park, about 80 new seats became available. Visitors regularly enter and leave the Krka National Park, so there are no longer waits. There are slightly larger crowds during July and August due to the large number of tourists in Croatia in general”, Explained Katia Župan, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Krka National Park.Related news:FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ONE DAY NP KRK WAS VISITED BY OVER 10.000 PEOPLE, WE LEARNED HOW IT LOOKED ON THE FIELDLESS CRUISES ON THE ADRIATICDUBROVNIK INTRODUCED COUNTERS IN ORDER TO RESTRICT AND MANAGE TOURIST ARRIVALS IN THE HISTORICAL CENTERlast_img