NP Krka is starting the construction of a new Visitation Management Center – Lozovac

first_img2. Construction of roads, parking lots and pedestrian areas:Arranged bus turnaround NP “Krka”;Built access road to the Visitor Center and space for organized parking of agency buses;Built a wet toilet next to the platforms for agency buses;Built a “green island” with space for recycling and waste sorting;Arranged and equipped two horticultural areas with a children’s playground;Installed system for automatic ticket verification and digital info-billboards;Installed signalization within the complex intended for easier navigation and guidance of visitors.In addition to the Krka National Park, funds were also allocated to the Mljet National Park, the Paklenica National Park, the Biokovo Nature Park, the Cerovac Caves, the University of Zadar, the Darda Municipality, the City of Petrinja and the City of Benkovac. </p>
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<p> After the successful implementation of the project Unknown Krka, the Public Institution “National Park Krka” was awarded grants for the project Center for Visiting Management of the National Park “Krka” – Lozovac.The total value of the project is 105.968.378,33 HRK, of which the European Regional Development Fund (EFRD) co-finances 71.698.656,53 HRK, or 85% of the total eligible costs amounting to 84.351.360,63 HRK, in the form of grants from Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020 – Promotion of sustainable use of natural heritage in national parks and nature parks (Project Code KK. projekta uređenja Centra za upravljanje posjećivanjem Nacionalnog parka „Krka“ – Lozovac  je, izgradnjom infrastrukture za prijam i upravljanje i edukacijom posjetitelja, povećati vidljivost NP „Krka“ kao turističke atrakcije, jačati obrazovne kapacitete za interaktivnu edukaciju i informiranje posjetitelja, postići kvalitetniji prostorni i vremenski raspored posjetitelja, te osigurati društveni, gospodarski i ekološki boljitak. “The construction and commissioning of the Lozovac entrance complex includes the construction and equipping of the Visitor Center building and the construction and arrangement of roads, parking lots and pedestrian areas. The new facility will be located on the site of the current buffet and will extend to the existing toilet, and a detailed design is currently underway, after which the process of selecting a contractor will be initiated, and the start of work is expected by the end of the year. ” points out Krešimir Šakić, director of the Krka National Park.Construction and commissioning of the Lozovac Visitor Center complex includes:1. Construction and equipping of the building of the Visitor Center Lozovac:Four functional volumes were built and equipped, with a total of 1860 mXNUMX of usable space, in which the contents of the visitor center are arranged and grouped (multimedia, info and administrative contents, cash registers, sanitary block, and commercial, catering, storage and service facilities).Exhibition-presentation and multimedia contents of the Visitor Center Lozovac:AR Augmented Reality;Multimedia hall;Smaller meeting room;Exhibition of archaeological artifacts;Art installation – park rangers;Totems with visuals.last_img