Talking about the way of inaction marketing hammer phone

overnight, the Internet all over the place is the hammer on the phone information. Video website is old speech video, micro-blog in the mobile phone on the hammer spit bad and reviled and praise, since the media website is launched for the hammer mobile phone debate. Luo outshining is being held in the Asia level political meeting.

marketing has been considered premeditated behavior, but it seems that the hammer phone does not have such a default, and this marketing effect is expected.

from A to Z watching the hammer mobile phone launch video, found as a leader in the mobile phone development, Luo, straight in emphasizing the "no compromise", for the application of design process of material selection for no compromise, no compromise, even for whom not to compromise. However, in my opinion, the biggest Luo uncompromising object is marketing.

inaction marketing

marketing concept of a system, including the problem very much, including price, brand, channel, advertising, customer service and so on, but in the whole marketing at the hammer mobile phone, in marketing, a mobile phone can almost be said to be "not as". From the price that we first regardless of the price level, marketing for product pricing advice: pricing should be located in the integer boundary, such as the 799 big red rice, such as millet 1499, and a lot of mobile phone in 999 or 1999. But hammer phone 3000 or 3150. What is not law-abiding, deliberate traces. From the brands that Luo at the press conference also don’t do too much for the brand interpretation, of course with this hammer mobile phone has a single category. From the channel, the hammer mobile phone no millet there is no such seckill panic buying, marketing gimmick, these are all sorts of test tactics to attract popularity. From the advertising point of view, hammer mobile phone advertising system does not even plan, including media advertising, etc.. To know is to become mass consumer goods, comprehensive advertising but not secret. No, nothing. Not to mention the hammer technology official website, three columns, a map, simply can not be simple. From the marketing point of view, hammer technology is a completely do not understand marketing, live in their own world of technology.

Effect of


marketing to produce the effect is nothing more than two: brand identity and sales improvement. These two hammer phones do it. And as easy as blowing off dust. It is classified as a fan of the economy, and even some old and once sold mobile phone star. However, the stars are selling customized mobile phone, mobile phone can tell the origin of the hardware and software design of the mobile phone? Fans to buy the star, is nothing more than love. But Luo and hammer mobile phone, is a kind of water soluble blend, it can be said that. Currently, there are few marketing cases in this similar. Jobs a, Lei Jun is a, I think the old one, even in the Lei above. Of course there are > LUO powder