Circle of friends WeChat group these channels can increase the exposure of the event

Last week,

wrote an article to do the activities of the target, so this week to update the new target for the new activities, how to conduct a wide range of activities to promote the accumulation of users.


rose powder, high-end argument is that user growth. There are a lot of ways to powder up, doing activities is recognized as one of the fastest. However, a user growth for the purpose of the activities need to be well planned, as far as possible more quickly pull new. For a new product (or the public number or brand), do activities need to pay attention to is how to make their own activities to let more people see, so as to stimulate the fans to participate in, smoothly into your users (fans and consumers, brand advocates).

so, the channel of the campaign is very important!

first, the circle of friends is an important channel for the activities of powder rose

want to get the circle of friends exposure of this channel, the first step is to solve the problem, how to allow users to be willing to move your link to the circle of friends. Li Jiaoshou once said that a concept called social currency. That is, the use of people willing to share with others, the characteristics of the products or ideas, so as to achieve the purpose of word of mouth.

in the research of strawberry and Jun, we find that people are willing to share a circle of friends or WeChat group is the most motivation sauce shener:

TA thinks that this activity will be helpful to someone, or some people;

this activity is novel and interesting, fun, and topical;

establish their own image, show yourself well informed or well-informed;

has interests driven, such as the sharing of 60 percent off red envelopes".

so if you want the user to forward your activities to the circle of friends, think about whether you have triggered them.

two, plus WeChat group can expand the spread of activity base

understand the user communication activities motivation, also need to have a certain base of users spread out, after all, not everyone in the company, and sometimes do activities have no budget, how to do? So the WeChat group has become the most direct line community spread circle of friends, now teach you how to add more of the WeChat group.

knock on the blackboard, draw the key!

Baidu, you know. To Baidu post bar to find, you can find a lot of.

Baidu search keywords WeChat group sharing site". In the professional WeChat group to become a member of the site to share, only a few tens of thousands of people can have a steady stream of WeChat group two-dimensional code to share with you.


join a few organizations, and then they will pull you into the group, for example, I participated in a number of lines Sharon sharing lectures, some of the line under the operation of learning courses, these organizations will pull