Service enterprises 9 marketing techniques to promote holiday sales

lead: the following is you in the day before the last moment to do things for the brand, so that you can change the status quo in the upcoming December Christmas season.


Thanksgiving Day is on the horizon in November 27th, black Friday and Christmas Carnival season will follow. If your company is a service-oriented enterprises, then I guess you are now busy with the customer’s "autumn and winter demand", but do you ignore the period in which to build their own brand


service companies tend to obtain the possible attention through promotion and holiday promotion. Maybe you think it’s too late for you to start your holiday marketing now. Then you’re wrong.

is the last thing you can do for the brand at the end of the day so that you can change the status quo in the upcoming Christmas season of December.

1, collaborative

as a business owner, you may not be able to think about your business as much as a retail store, but this is the time for you to do so. In order to overcome the fear of promotional activities, you should contact with other consultants, free and independent entrepreneurs occupation. You are all in the same boat, so you can move in the direction of growth. As is the business district retailers as an alliance, you can offer a discount or a holiday service and other service enterprises to launch service packages for the alliance.

, for example, social media marketing consultant in the "weekly chart" basis, and designers work together to launch a special year-end package". Do not forget the blog owners, many of them in the festival to send gifts. Can your service satisfy their readers,


2, collaboration with the store.

research shows that although the number of online consumers are growing every year, but the store still occupy of holiday sales of $90%. Consider working with a number of physical stores, store some promotional items or information in their store.

, for example, a life coach was furnished in a health food store with a month long training card, the above image aroused the consumers to restart their new year goal or desire to reinvent yourself.

3, participate in or organize activities

multi level marketing (Multi-level Marketing, referred to as MLM, that is, each marketer is also a consumer) companies are particularly good at this. At this time of year, there will be a lot of holiday parties, with five or ten shopping stalls".

service companies are more likely to do the same thing in the form of a luncheon exchange or a business fair. These activities can be launched in conjunction with local chambers of Commerce or small business incubators