QQ promotion planning experience sharing

A. why use QQ to promote

QQ has the world’s largest Internet Group, at the same time online record up to one hundred million, as the father of QQ Ma Huateng said, this life can no longer see second instant chat tool can be online at the same time, up to one hundred million people, how large groups, how can we ignore.

II QQ is an open platform for promotion, any one person or enterprise can use this platform for network marketing and even the Internet hype! Do not need certification, as long as there is a QQ number can be promoted!

QQ is a free promotion platform, you do not need to send fee 10 Fen, rely on their own network marketing skills can be in the QQ platform free promotion!

two. Misled by some experts QQ promotion

saw some experts or network promotion personnel on the promotion of QQ article, found a very serious problem, they put the QQ promotion as chat tool even dating behavior, and that strange Q friends talk more and more can become friends or a good relationship with the QQ group, while ignoring the promotion is the only purpose! And some articles almost to teach us how to use the QQ friends instead of using the QQ network to promote the


three. Gao’s experience in QQ promotion

QQ is a direct promotion, not implicit, promotion is the only goal, if you find like-minded friends can also be friends! Here is my view, there is a right and wrong, hope to talk with you friends learning:

must have a QQ number, this number is best to build the group, preferably have a certain level! So received information that you are not registered a new number for Hu to send information, will not be BS,

pulled into the blacklist!

opened QQ space, dress up the space, in the space to write a few articles about the things you want to promote the soft Wen! Respondents can directly understand you want to promote the object and things!

The expression of

in your name or personal signature or at least to a friend impression about you to the promotion of the content, such as my QQ100315930 on my website ruanwena.com as friends or respondents next impression! You can not find the


generally do QQ promotion rarely add a single Q friend (unless he is the target object) but choose to add group, but the best is the super group! Find group in the QQ group that search or Baidu search! Find a good group information, the information has two kinds, one is the individual directly. You have to write the information pertinent small soft plus "excuse me sorry to delay" civilization terminology, a potential target to group! Another is in the group, the group sent information is very skilled, have many people online when someone group information. The information you send to chat, very soft, not let people hate being kicked out of him,


and Tim.