Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho unsure of Saturday afternoon plans

first_imgJose Mourinho decided against contesting his one-match stadium ban for the Premier League clash at Stoke and is still not sure what to do with himself on Saturday afternoon. Press Association “No. No temptation,” Mourinho added. “I travel with them (the team). And I will be with them until the moment somebody stops me. “I have to get out (of the bus) before (it reaches the stadium).” The stadium ban was imposed after the Chelsea boss unleashed an expletive-laden half-time attack on referee Jonathan Moss and then refused to leave the officials’ dressing room at Upton Park. The Football Association released the written reasons on Friday for the case and r eferee Moss’ testimony from half-time of the October 24 clash was key, with Mourinho furious after Nemanja Matic had been sent off for two bookable offences and the visitors denied two goals, one due to goal-line technology and the other due to offside. “When myself and my colleagues left the field of play at half time, as we entered the tunnel area to get to our dressing room, Mr Mourinho the Chelsea manager was waiting for us clearly agitated and began aggressively asking about first half decisions,” Moss says in the written reasons. “Rather than publically (sic) speak to him I asked him to step into the entrance of my dressing room escorted by Simon Sutton, the West Ham United security manager. “Mr Mourinho asked me about a tackle, an offside and a goal line clearance. I gave him brief answers to his questions. After this I asked him to leave the dressing room area. “He refused. I asked him again. After he refused again I asked Mr Sutton to escort him from the room. At this point Mr Mourinho became very aggressive and animated. “He shouted that you ******* referees are weak… (Arsenal manager Arsene) Wenger is right about you… you are ******* weak. “I advised Mr Mourinho not to take his position in the technical area for the second half due to his actions.” Reports from the assistant referees and fourth official corroborated Moss’ comments, the written reasons said. Mourinho was informed of the charge on October 26 and admitted it three days later before the sanction was announced on Monday. The Blues boss chose not to appeal, announcing his decision on Friday. “It is clear from both the letter from Mr Mourinho and his submissions that he regrets the incident and to his credit he made an early admission,” the written reasons said. “His behaviour was in the opinion of the commission unacceptable and he showed a total lack of respect for the match officials and the sanctuary of their changing room. “That is a most serious matter and has to be dealt with accordingly.” The three-man commission argued a financial penalty “has little or no impact upon his behaviour” after assessing his previous disciplinary matters. He was, though, fined £40,000. The commission also determined a touchline ban would be insufficient, given he would still have access to the tunnel area. A stadium ban was therefore considered the appropriate penalty. The Chelsea boss will not be allowed into the Britannia Stadium after he was sent off at half-time against West Ham in October. He is allowed no contact with his coaching staff during the game and o nly an appeal would have allowed Mourinho to enter the ground, but he has accepted the sanction. “It’s stupid to fight a fight that you know you have already lost.” he said. If he does watch the televised game – and it is inconceivable that he would not – he has no plans to listen to the commentary or opinions of pundits and may use social media. “Maybe. Live scores? Results? Maybe,” said Mourinho, gesturing to his phone, which rang during Friday’s media conference. ” Maybe I will sit on the street corner with my iPad. You can imagine that it’s not easy. You can imagine how I feel. And I don’t want to speak a lot about it. “I have no plans. Maybe I don’t even watch the game. I cannot (have) contact with the game, so what’s the point?” Mourinho suggested he feels aggrieved at his current punishment and his relationship with the FA is fractious. But he is not planning to test it on Saturday. Mourinho reportedly flouted a UEFA-imposed stadium ban by hiding in a laundry skip during his first spell with Chelsea. He refused to confirm or deny the episode on Friday, but said he was not tempted to do something similar at Stoke. last_img