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12, the well-known data research institutions Quest Mobile released 2016 1-5 mobile electricity supplier special research report, the report gives the recent growth in the field of mobile electricity supplier in various fields. According to the data show that China’s 1-5 mobile shopping app users in the month to maintain more than 35% of the high speed, while the rhythm of the market segments change, the overall pattern of the electricity supplier is also undergoing subtle changes.


one of the most worthy of attention is that the mother and infant industry is entering a high-speed development of the fast lane, and stood in the air, the mother and child vertical electricity supplier, is experiencing a dramatic transformation. The report shows that maternal electricity supplier leader babe network, through the vertical segments of the plough, is rapidly altering China onrush of the overall pattern of the electricity supplier.

market broke the demographic dividend promote maternal electricity supplier breakthrough



Quest Mobile data show that 1-5 month China Mobile shopping app users to maintain a high growth of more than 35%. Among them, the mobile maternal electricity supplier APP in May grew 4 times as fast as other mobile shopping APP average, behind such a high-speed growth in the industry, is standing on the outlet of the traditional maternal electricity supplier veteran electric shock.


as shown above, can judge from the electricity supplier operating health users active degree (DAU) dimensions, hand wash and other electricity providers giant is still firmly occupy the top spot, but the maternal electricity supplier leader catch up from behind more than a lot of the old babe network business, success among the second camp.


and the number of monthly per capita daily use from the point of view, it is more obvious advantage Audrey, data even beyond Tmall, Jingdong,, the performance is amazing.

insiders pointed out: maternal shopping needs explosive growth, on the one hand due to enter the 85 after 90, the mobile shopping main marriage, birth the golden period, on the other hand, release the second Chinese policy to further enlarge the maternal market demand.

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babe network COO Mr. Ke Zunyao held in June at the beginning of the 2016 state power of cross-border e-commerce summit speech: mother industry is currently in the best of times, the next 4 years the new born population of 300-550 million / year, with 2017 usher in a new peak, maternal and child online trading penetration will also quickly reached a peak, and have one hundred billion yuan impact on infant consumption market.

the most sensitive P & G’s choice of market share is now emerging

jumped out from the report in the "dark horse" babe network although has always been to "low-key" famous enterprises.