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included challenges finally defeated, Kazakhstan summary, outside the chain of no reason, thank you Comrade member plug encouragement, help me to do my only value chain. Today to talk about the domain name, the first light in the hands of a few meters.

mainly put out or see the people, the ordinary miscellaneous rice on the collection.

a, other countries suffix (together) (Fang Zhuoyue) (Australian immigration) this meter, we certainly did not pay attention to how, Au is the Australian suffix, and Australia has not really opened the end of the Au, such as CN, so as you can see, I can only register to these. What is the value of the 3 or even the other two of the suffix rice?

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Au analysis, Chinese study abroad each year the number of immigrants to Australia 3 Chengdu, relative North America Canada and the United States, more and more people of all ages, I am one of them, low prices and ample immigration policy to attract far more than many countries in this country Chinese, in my life experience and collected information, in fact, to some extent, Australian Chinese has surpassed North American countries up to the Chinese in Western countries. Gossip not say, this is the situation in Australia, the Chinese, US rice has value, combination of Pinyin and digital should be the same and the domestic has value, plus the ghosts of Chinese pay more attention, in fact, the value of M Pinyin already increased to a great extent, applies in the in other countries the suffix, coupled with La and me (LA) (it) and some of the phonetic meaning suffix to some extent more valuable.

two, time meter (Master, engage in show show)

wine or Chen Xiang, the domain name is also this truth?

analysis from a personal point of view, the first registration and renewal when the cost is on the one hand, if built a website, the website information value is much higher, it is very common in SEO, to determine some keywords ranking. The following figure is for reference only (from pipiki), but >