Easy order help Guizhou station to achieve electricity supplier last 100 meters

with the continuous development of China’s economy, the relative improvement of people’s consumption level, consumption patterns are quietly changing. At the same time, the pace of life accelerated, so as a new generation of consumer after 70, 80 and 90 after the pursuit of more convenient, fast, unique shopping experience.

community convenience stores, due to inherent characteristics of network intensive, close to the community, from real-time, convenience, experience, service four aspects, compared with other retail stores, closer to the retail market, to meet consumer demand, through the rich commodity and quality service to help the residents consumption to shorten the distance. "Last 100 meters" concept of consumption.

community convenience store

cut into the convenience store supply chain, Guizhou one station to guide the quality of life style of fresh air to

Guizhou station, founded in April 2016, is the electronic commerce service provider a main non-staple food products, convenience stores in the supply chain for the entrance, around the design company and downstream convenience stores all business channels, build the enterprise exclusive business platform, through the integration of all resources, to provide food and beverage and other goods delivery service for life the residents of the community, business community and university community convenience store.

Guizhou station to the integration of the line under the lack of procurement channels of community convenience stores, so intensive procurement, distribution to the store. This intensive procurement model to solve many of the community convenience store pain points.

first, due to the size of the purchase price than community supermarket their purchase of a number of concessions, plus Guizhou station responsible for delivery to the store, the store staff car purchase effectively reduce logistics cost.

secondly, F2B (Factory to Business) effectively circumvent the fake. Guizhou station upstream docking including unity, Nestle, Yida, Shuanghui, Coca-Cola, many well-known brands, SKU up to thousands, and meet the rich required from 30-100 square meters area shop merchandise category. According to this, community stores have to provide convenience shopping.

a superb collection of beautiful things, Goods are available in all varieties.

In addition to the traditional

function, Guizhou power station convenience stores also make full use of its own terminal, more intensive service industry and to highlight the advantages of accurate grasp of customer attributes, gradually introduce a variety of local life services to a wide range of services, to build itself into the core line of mobile Internet services, shopping, social the entrance, increasing convenience shop customer stickiness, and online new business models and demand creation in the process of integration, to achieve sustained growth.

in the Chinese convenience store torrent today, Guizhou station operation, commodity, system, logistics system is strong, and promoting the development of the model within the culvert, the downstream community store quality health products, comfortable shopping environment, attentive service to thousands of households, at the same time, also attracted more and more.