Yan Feihua buy 240 thousand personal Chinese cybersquatting

Yan Philippines 240 thousand to buy "Yan Fei.Com" domain names. Yan Philippines for two consecutive terms in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala gradually became popular, the results of her name Chinese domain was a little-known college students register in advance, she had to spend 240 thousand to buy their own domain name.

Yan Philippines belongs to this year with the bright younger generation, recently her debut album "beauty" on various music sites, her popularity is soaring, was also named the 2006 most popular female singer Chinese network". But relying on the popular network also brought her a lot of trouble, not long ago, a network called "Cobra" students noticed her fame, the first to register under the "Yan Fei.Cn" and ".Com," Yan Yan Philippines Philippines ".Net" three Chinese domain, bring a lot of trouble to Yan Fei. Yan Fei said: "I was in one of the most critical period of rise, the protection of personal brand is very important, your domain name in the hands of others, I am afraid that one day will bring negative effects on their image."


for this consideration, recently, Yan Fei commissioned agent to find the "Cobra", began to ask for the name of negotiations, finally agreed, Yan Philippines to 20 thousand yuan in cash and 220 thousand yuan worth of endorsement replacement, three Chinese in exchange for their own domain name. It is understood that the development and utilization of "Cobra" has been committed to the existing cyber source, he hands dozens of sites, in a "World Cup lattice" website, he developed a "sale", and ask for the chance to borrow Yan Fei, Yan Philippines he asked for his plan as the image value is estimated to be 220 thousand yuan.

for such a seemingly innocent sale, Yan Philippines mentality away, she said: "I don’t think that buy again, if you don’t come back, if one day I open after the domain name is a bad website or spam, the loss is bigger. And I think the world cup lattice is a very good idea, I spoke for him, my popularity is also a promotion." But Yan Philippines still said that it gave her a hard lesson, regardless of the future is published a new album or song, should pay special attention to protection of the rights of network.


Yan Fei and "Cobra" is a peaceful settlement of the dispute, but the investment domain one expert thinks it will bring more influence, encourage wangchongmen more crazy star and celebrity Chinese domain name registration.

It is reported that

, Philippines and Yan yesterday has "Cobra" for the domain name transfer procedures, justifiably become "Yan Fei.Cn" and ".Com," Yan Yan Philippines Philippines ".Net" the name of the owner. Reprint please indicate: www.yanfei123.cn

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