Darling founder Qi Yan Mobile providers not simply copy the PC interface

in the past two years with the popularity of smart phones, more consumers choose to use mobile phones to online shopping. At the same time, consumers not only to buy domestic goods, but also began to buy the world’s goods through the sea amoy. Mobile providers overseas purchase and become a new highlight of the entire electricity supplier industry concern.

started three years ago founded darling is located in a mobile company to provide global purchase of goods for domestic consumers. Recently, an interview with sina technology company founder and chairman Qi Yan darling, she shared some entrepreneurial experience in the field of mobile providers.

Qi Yan said that the thinking and direction from the beginning has been founded darling is positioned as a mobile provider, is to use the shortest time to help consumers find the most worth buying the good stuff in the world.

Founded in

three years ago because darling saw two chance, one is with the popularity of smart mobile phone, mobile phone shopping frequency and length of the scene changed. Another is that consumers have a turning point in the diversity and personalized demand for goods. The two chance to do our darling." She said.


and other electronic business platform compared to what is the difference, she thinks, darling more force point is dedicated to pure mobile providers, consumers through mobile phone shopping to solve pain points, the best thing in the world to consumers in the shortest time.

in Qi Yan seems, mobile providers not to simply copy the PC interface, but with mobile property business, from product design to your browsing habits to help you choose the right product in the shortest time.

she believes that the core advantage has darling of two: the first is the selection, through the combination of international professional buyers and domestic consumers of data mining to selection. The second is a fine operation, meticulous operation, including a lot of things, for the user to browse comfort, the timely receipt of goods.

it is understood that the mobile darling in December last year to complete the B round of financing, by IDG, today the capital and Sequoia Capital investment. It was originally a domestic fashion life portal Yoka.com incubation project, after a period of time in the internal inspection, in mid 13 or so officially stripped out.

is worth mentioning is that the introduction of China idol darling Luhan in December last year as an angel investor, as the darling directors involved in company management.

Qi Yan said, for the value of Luhan darling is far from that behind the 6 million fans bring the sales. Because Luhan has fan appeal, which added to the darling change several very important.

Luhan joined to darling bring change: the first is a great breakthrough in the conversion rate and user retention on Android market. Second is the age of the user to expand from the age of 15 to 35 years old. Third, a sudden change in the user base from the first tier cities to the two or three tier cities.

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