first_imgBILL NEAL:10 First of all, and just so you know, I am not at “My spot” for the game so stop looking for me. Second, and let’s be clear about this, WE – ARE – THE – STEELER – NATION…and we ain’t scared of no Baltimore Ravens! Steelers win by 7. Take it to the bank!:09 I see by reading my Pittsburgh Courier last week that I am not the only sportswriter for this historic newspaper that wants to give you Old School Music in verse huh?!?! I am just sayin’.:08 Speaking of “My style,” oops, did I say that out loud? Tell me if you remember the time, no really do you remember… “Remember the Time” by the late great Michael Jackson? Here ya go. “Do you remember when we fell in love. We were young and innocent then, on the phone you and me till three…do you remember girl.” Oh yeah. Just go back and pop that cassette in and while you’re at it remember just how “Bad” “The King of Pop” was and the “Thrill-er” he gave us all. Say what you want, anyway you want, about whatever you want regarding M.J., but one thing was, is and will always be indisputable, he was quite possibly the greatest entertainer of all time. And me, you and “Billie Jean” know “He Rocked Our World.” (Man I am good at this or what.):07 Take whatever position you want on Pitt quarterback Tom Savage, but NFL scouts have him on their radar screen and he certainly has all the tools. Tall, strong arm, good mobility, and heart. You think not? Does the name Joe Flacco ring a bell? Ya said the same thing about him before you ran him out of Pitt. Yes you did…yes you did…oh shut up…you did so!:06 The NFL says goodbye to one of their most colorful figures as Coach “Bum” Phillips dies at age 90. He was anything but a bum and proved his metal against Chuck Noll and the glory Steelers on many occasions. His most famous quote…”Yes, we the Houston Oilers have every intention on going to the Super Bowl…The problem is, the road to the Super Bowl runs through Pittsburgh!”:05 Well, you know they say deaths always come in threes. All you can hope for is you’re not the third. That being said, the Pittsburgh basketball community lost yet another great player.  Buzzy Harrison, out of Uniontown, and former Pitt work horse, passed away last week. All I can tell you is he was an absolutely great guy. I mean, a really great guy and if you played against him, you better bring your lunch bucket cause you were going to get worked. Just ask anybody that had that misfortune during the glory years of the Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League where “Buzzy” was an annual all-star.last_img