Channel tracking looking for potential gold mines

in the previous chapter, we discussed the content of the web site. Google will not allow you to ask your visitors to click on the ad, and will not allow you to use the cheat

way to entice visitors to click on ads. However, the good content of the endorsement of the role of advertising, a good content to allow people to reduce the resentment of advertising, so that advertising to see

is more believable and interesting.  

for example, if you have a website, the content is an objective and impartial comments on some products, then visitors will be more inclined to click on the appropriate advertising

to get more information about these products, learn about the latest offer and even order online.  

the most important thing is to create something really interesting, but it is not enough.  

after successfully registering your Adsense account, the first thing you usually want to do is to adjust the format and placement of the ads, so that advertising into your site

content, this is the rapid increase in income tips. However, once the ad adjustment in place, what to do next? You begin to explore more carefully to optimize your

report, I hope to further improve your click through rate of change.  

but every time you implement an optimization measure, you must track the effectiveness of the optimization.  

consider the following example:  

Joe Drinker has a nice website that is about " how to brew beer at home ". This website Adsense income can, but there is still increasing more than

land. The site’s Adsense statistics for a week are as follows:  

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