The eleven of the 23rd day of the Diario AS in LaLiga SmartBank

first_imgMidfieldersEmbarba (Lightning) Catena already pointed out ways in the ill-fated Reus. However, his first season at Rayo Vallecano, team with history and where the pressure is higher, has been his confirmation. Portentous to the court and a danger in the air game in each of his performances this season. Before Lugo it was no less. Above yesterday he signed his renewal with the rayistas until 2023.Odei (Mirandés) The Swiss central did not start the season as expected, but before the Mirandés signed a more than remarkable match, the only one of the Cádiz behind that is saved from burning, in the Mirandés draw. The helvetic was solvent in each cut and put the third goal of the gaditanos finishing a corner. Add and follow the category pichichi. Double, this time to break an entire Extremadura that presented battle until the end. Perfect header to inaugurate the score in the first part at the pass of Aday Benítez. In the second he sentenced the match, appearing on the second free club suit after a Brandon hairstyle. He has 18 goals in 19 games. Deportivo begins to see green shoots. The arrival of Fernando Vázquez and a defense that is gradually strengthening, the causes. That defense especially shines Dani Giménez. The former Betis saved his team with seven colossal stops, three of them in the small area and one of those that are remembered at the end of the season.DefensesMiguelón (Huesca) The protagonist of the comeback from last day was undoubtedly the right side of Alicante. A dagger in its climbs and a wall in all its defensive actions. In addition, he attended Mikel Rico, the middle center, for the first goal of his own and his arrival from the second line closed the comeback of Huesca.Catena (Rayo Vallecano) Many names shone in the football madness that was Cadiz-Mirandés and Odei was one of them. The central put the goal of the tie for theirs in the 96th minute when hunting a ball that flew from the opposite band, thus plunging Carranza into a sepulchral silence. In a Mirandés that aims to stay, having a central such as Odei is insurance.Rhyner (Cádiz) Repeat in the eleven highlights of the day and it is not for less. Another double (second consecutive) and fifth goal in the last three games. It is sweet. The first came from the penalty spot and in the second he was ready in a defensive ruling by Oviedo. With the two of yesterday already adds eight goals.Higinio (Numancia) Match of the midfielder against the leader Cádiz. Present in the three goals of the team. In the first one he took a left-footed shot from outside the area. The second came from a rejection, after a powerful shot of his; and in the third, he assisted Odei with a distant foul throw to put the 3-3 on the scoreboard.StrikersDarwin Núñez (Almería) The end of Girona had not seen door almost two years and opened his scoring account with a good goal against Extremadura. His goal was the second, in a spectacular direct foul throw. In the first goal he also left his mark, with a center measured at Stuani’s head, for the Uruguayan to open the scoring.Merquelanz (Mirandés) The twenty-third day from LaLiga SmartBankHe had eleven protagonists that we detail below. Stuani (Girona) made a double and already has 18 goals in 19 games. Games of Miguelón (Huesca) and Merquelanz (Mirandés). Dani Giménez (Deportivo) supported the team when his team stayed with one player less against Racing.GoalkeeperDani Giménez (Sports) The Numancia striker was present in both goals of his team. First, to equalize the initial goal of Boateng, in a great header that marked the times perfectly. Then, to attend Curro in the 94th minute, with a strong center from inside the area, he picked up the midfielder to make the match.Stuani (Girona) Absolute leader of the Lightning. Before the Lugo he threw the team behind his back once more. The Vallecanos were better than their opponent throughout the game, which was decided with a lonely goal from the French fringe. The Madrid picked up a rejection after a shot from Montiel, and with his right leg, crossed it before a Cantero who could not do anything to avoid it.Aday Benítez (Girona)last_img