Or the Pistas or the Bernabéu

first_imgNext Wednesday Real Madrid and Unionistas will face for a place in the eighths of the end of the Copa del Rey, but, today, It is not known where the match will be played. The decision, in principle, will be taken tomorrow after a meeting between the government delegation of Castilla and León, the City Councils of Salamanca and Villares de la Reina (responsible for Las Pistas) and the board of directors. The city hall has confirmed that it will not put obstacles to transfer the installation, although they still need permits for reform that will have to be granted by the Villares de la Reina Town Hall.The issue to be discussed, in addition to security matters, is the authorization demanded by Unionistas for the installation of the artificial lighting necessary to broadcast the Las Pistas party on television and that has an estimated cost of 70,000 euros. The club’s position remains clear: Play yes or yes in your usual stadium. If he receives the yes of the estates he will get to work to have everything ready to dispute the duel; otherwise, the other option is the Santiago Bernabéu. So far, the municipalities have torpedoed the management until the meeting occurs, so the final destination of the tie is still in the air. Unionistas thinks today that it will have to bear the costs of the installation, which would be compensated with the collection of box office of the confrontation. Finally, RFEF has confirmed that there is no problem with Las Pistas, as long as the lighting issue is fixed. Club sources confirm to AS that Real Madrid has not pressed them at any time to know the date as soon as possible.The Santiago Bernabéu, a real optionThere is a fear within Unionists that it is not possible to play in Las Pistas, due to the work requirement and the fact that it is not decided today. Given the need to receive authorization from the agencies, the club is considering other options in case it finally receives a no as an answer. Although the Zamora Silver Route had sounded, the Santiago Bernabéu gains strength. As AS learned, on the day of the draw the Real Madrid directive commented informally that he would provide all the help Unionists will need, including the cession of the stadium in case Las Pistas had no capacity to host the duel. Of course, the collection would go to the Salamanca coffers. Anyway, since then the white entity has not put on the table any formal offer of assignment and keep waiting for the authorities decision.Unionists stand firm in considering their stadium the first option. Beyond that, and despite not wanting to leave the city, if you do not have the approval, there is no other facility in Salamanca, beyond Helmantic, that meets the conditions of playing the Copa del Rey. Under these circumstances and once put to leave Salamanca, the managers have it clear: they prioritize a stadium of the dimensions of the Bernabéu although the trip is somewhat longer than the Ruta de la Plata.The Helmántico, totally discardedThe Salamanca CF UDS, current owner of the stadium of the extinct Sports Union Salamanca, has issued an official statement in which leaves in the air the possibility of transferring its fief to the City Council for the benefit of the city. In no case does he mention Unionists in his press release, although he talks about leaving aside his interests: “The Salamanca UDS always works and will work for the benefit of the city, putting, if necessary, the interests of citizens to the personal that the entity could have“.Unionists stay out of the report issued by their rival and explains that the relationship between both clubs is non-existent. So, Club sources completely rule out the possibility of playing the game in El Helmántico and prefer to travel outside the province if necessary. Thus, the debate is closed. Tomorrow final meeting for a permit not granted and totally necessary. Two options: Las Pistas … or the Santiago Bernabéu.last_img